Erm….super tired orz much? :(

4 Mar

Before I start anything, I’d just like to say I didn’t blog last night because I was up ill 3am doing my philosophy essay….

Can I just say that I am the worst procrastinator ever? Like…ever? I finished an entire 2 weeks worth of essay (granted I did do rough drafts before…but nowhere near as good as my finished draft) in a night. I have to stop doing these things, one of these days its gonna hurt my grades. If anything, procrastination is not the way to go.

Anyway, so I’m not sure if it was ’cause I was so tired, but today my muscles hurt more than ever <.< I didn’t even feel like moving orz. But I ran anyway, burned off about 500 calories. Feeling super tired but wanted to blog….its good motivation for me *thumbs up*

So yes, lets start off with what I ate today….

Yogurt – 35 calories
Apple – 101 calories
5 pieces of small kimbap – 125
2 bread cake thingies – 250

Bread – 150 calories
Strawberries – 60 calories
Cantaloupes – 60 calories

natto – 100 calories
salad – 200 calories
miso soup – 60 calories
5.5 pieces of raw salmon- 200 calories

15 crispers fml…- 100 calories
jello – 5 calories
bread – 100 calories

Grand total of…..1546 calories! I feel like….I guess I’m not really overeating by alot. I just don’t know how I feel like I’m not eating much but it still adds up to all this. *sigh* I should try harder :S

So….didn’t take pics of my food fml I keep forgetting, but I took pics of what I wore! My friend and I were having a random “dressup” day, so I tried to look more dressy than usual. But…the thing is, most of the time I’m pretty ….my outfits are not the typical jeans+sweater, because I know that does not compliment my body! Heres what I wore….btw, I now camwhore everymorning in my drama class, because there is a GIANT mirror in my drama class XD perfect way to record my outfit with shoes instead of the bathroom! LOL

Blurry picture a bit….makes my torso look huge, but in reality my legs are big, my shoulders are petiter. :O

Got my friend to take this for me, just so my outfit was more clear. I feel like t-shirts that aren’t v-neck can makee you look kinda fat? :S or is that just me ?

And todayy! I also played around with makeup. My cell camera honestly sucks ass so… I webcamwhored when i got home! I have my jacket on, which is why what I’m wearing looks diff. Yes, i got home, went straight to my room to camwhore XD

I like tilting my head….grawr?

was trying to pull off those….lip things ppl do in camwhore pics. I have pufferfish lips….so maybe not as effective? orz

Smile!….my webcam captures my makeup badly. my phone does too….my camera is only semi decent. orz? How can I possibly take amazingly caked up camwhore pics now? LOOL

Anyway, should sleep now, gnightt! 🙂



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  1. jadwal piala eropa 2012 January 24, 2012 at 1:51 AM #

    Enjoyed reading this, very good stuff, appreciate it.

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