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Vegas is HOT…what??

27 Aug

Well, I’m back from my Vegas and Japan trip! And It’s been much too long since I’ve last updated my little blog. I guess you could say I was busy, or I loafted…or whatever the case is, I slacked. Not much else to say :S I guess you could say today’s post is going to be a little summary of week in VEGAS!!


So, the first place we actually ventured to was Buffalo, which we stayed for a night. Then the next morning we flew to Vegas for our one week stay!


^The sandwich factory. Okay, actually I’m not even sure if it was called that, but it’s basically like… there’s a paper bag and you…basically CHECK OFF what you want in your sub/sandwich…. to speed up the process of creating “diy-type” sandwiches! Pretty smart huh! But still airplane food is damn expensive….



^I love having the window seat because I love clouds

When we arrived our first thought was “WHAT? WHY IS IT SO HOT??” Let me tell you, I thought I was in an OVEN!! Who knew vegas was so hot?!?!?! (Later I told boyfriend, he said “what did you expect? you’re in a freakin’ dessert…”) It  was crazy I’m tellin’ ya!


^Me posing with a statue iguana at the airport in Vegas! Very cute if you ask me ;P


^Guess what we see right at the airport…. =.= for the record and my female readers. NEVER I repeat NEVER trust a man who gambles… or marry him for that matter! If they’re addicted it’s like a recipe for disaster and either way it’s terrible for trying to finance a family. Boyfriend told me to try a dollar or a penny in the slots, but I’m still underage T_T




^The car we used during this week. I’m not exactly sure which car it is, so I’ll leave it to you car experts to figure it out!! It was quite spacious and I liked this car a lot ^^ Maybe boyfriend will consider getting this car HAHA ! Joking, I think it’s quite expensive to buy T_T


^…of course America would. Bacon in everything, if you ask me I think that is DISGUSTING. Who in the right mind would eat SUCH A MONSTROSITY????


^Look who we came across! The Mario brothers in Vegas! who would have guessed???


Some pics from the Vdara suites! Very beautiful and I was super impressed! They also had very good wifi so I could skype my baby muffin with clear quality! #highqualityhotelperks


^The kitchen, where we ate. Erm… a nice kitchen? you can’t see in this picture but to the right of the fridge, there is actually a WASHING and drying machine! In a room! How many places have that I ask you? Not many! Horray for vegas having nice places to stay!!


^Our “living room” where some of us slept on the pullout couch bed hehehe 🙂


^Bedroom! That bed is actually VERY comfy! Squishy and nice… but to be honest I myself prefer sleeping on hard floors (like I mean futon-type things) hehehehe….


^The beautiful bathroom! Every night I took a bath in the bathtub, while texting/kiking people! Very relaxing and I can understand why people in Japan do this often ^^


^Hitting the swimming pool!


^Let me tell you… people in Vegas are crazy! Getting tanned and shit while swimming… THIS IS HOW MY SISTER AND I DO! Hot tub therapy without the crazy sunburns!!


^Beautiful chocolate statue of a woman inside the neighboring hotel…. err I don’t quite remember the name of it :S Imagine devouring that all! #fatlife


^The beautiful chocolate fountain!! Who that random lady is, I’ll never know. All I know is, she decided to sneak into my shot… #RUDE


^A beautiful garden within one of the hotels! Almost a utopia-type feeling! What, with the merry-go-round and the sphere and giant bees in the air? (fake, of course)


^Visited the red rock canyon! Quite the drive… It was nice, I mean… rocks and all. Majestic… (not sure of sarcastic or not myself… #youngpeopleproblems)


^Me pretending to gamble. I don’t even know how okay -.-


^I won a domo from the UFO catcher game!! On my first try too!! Cute pink domo yess!! Very happy with myself that day ^^ kekeke


^Welcome to the famous Las Vegas!! 🙂


^Snapped a quick pic of the pink Cadillac + fake Elvis at the sign’s parking lot to show my boyfriend because he likes Cadillacs I think! Or so I thought, when I showed him all I got was a “lol”… T_T


^The light show in… I’m not sure where. I think you guys hate me because I just don’t pay enough attention to what my Dad tells me when we go places… BUT it was a beautiful light show along with the song that goes “byee byee miss american pie” I forgot what the song’s called too, sorry I’m not old enough 😦


We then ventured to Phoenix, and my Dad’s friend Alfred (THE cutest middle aged man in the WORLD) took us around to see the Grand Canyons and whatnot! While in Phoenix, we stayed at the Walking Stick… or maybe the Talking stick resort. I’m not sure which one it was, but it had acceptable wifi access, so it was good! And they had nice smelling soaps and shampoos #plus


^We visited Hoover Dam!! Apparently it is one of the largest Dams ever and was like… instructed or something to be build by Herbert Hoover! o: #anniethemusicalreference


^One of Alfred’s many cats! I loved visiting his house because there are so many cats!! I love cats!!


^Grand Canyons!! Not going to lie though, I was SO SCARED… I mean it was definitely majestic and beautiful, but I just COULD NOT take much of it, I was too scared!!



^Beautiful garden #2!! Can you believe how pretty it is, and how it’s maintained in the 40+ degrees dry climate?!?!


After Phoenix, we returned to Vegas to spend our last night. My father booked a night at the Palazzo! It was so grand I can not even describe how good it felt to stay there… even though I ended up being the one to sleep on the floor….I took some pictures but my pictures did the hotel NO justice whatsoever as you can see from the below photo:


For a better idea on how  it was, check out the actual site: HERE


I believe if you go on other “Auction” type sites, you can get these rooms for about 100 or a bit more! That’s what my Daddy did 🙂

Then we were off to Japan!



^Matching outfits with my two sisters! We were identical going on the flight (except for our shoes…) hehehe.



^Last kik message exchange between boyfriend and I before I left for LA connecting flight to Narita (Tokyo Airport).


Anddd that was it for Vegas!! 😀 hehehe Quite an adventure we had!

For food pictures, visit my instagram! HERE or search me up, my ID is nyankohimes2 !


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(From left to right: Mommy Ng, Me, Daddy Ng)


Kat’s Prom 2012

29 Jun

Wow so me blogging has become way overdue! Things have been really hectic with me being a senior and all with graduation and final assignments/tests and whatnot 😡

Today I wanna just blog about my Prom experience, since Prom (to me, at least) was a pretty big thing. For my boyfriend it wasn’t really a big deal apparently -.- but to me it was pretty important! (I mean, it’s prom! Once in a lifetime prom!)

Okay wow. hmm. Where does this story even start? I was pretty stoked about Prom ever since my grade 11 year when my grade 12 friends went, and they took pictures and whatnot. I mean, what’s not to be excited about? Formal wear, dancing, pictures, princess-feeling… Of course, back in grade 11 I scoffed at the idea of having a date. I thought multiple times, “No… what if we break up and the prom pictures goes to waste?” and didn’t even speculate that I would be going to prom with a date; of course I was wrong. *Cue Mr. Leo*

So, after awhile of Mr. Leo and I dating, I found out he did not particularly have much interest in attending prom. I didn’t want to push him, but I wanted him to go with me. (I mean, we need prom pictures to show our children….) LOL After some small drama (which isn’t really worth mentioning), we decided to attend prom together.


Promposal (n) – the act of asking somebody to prom in an elaborate manner. A combination of the words prom and proposal.

I feel like, many girls dreams are to get the perfect promposal… am I wrong? ahaha. I honestly though, did not think my boyfriend was going to prompose… like, I felt almost as if it was just a given that we would go to prom together… so I didn’t quite expect it (although I can not deny I wanted it…)

Sooo it came as quite the surprise when my boo boo muffin decided to prompose to yours truly. He called me randomly one night as I was helping his cousin with her homework, telling me to look outside. What did I see?… let me show you, rather than try to explain what him and his friends did…

It was so pretty! I was so happy about this! It was so sweet, and he also gave me a bunch of flowers… which him and his friends apparently obtained in an *cough* interesting manner XD hmm… too bad I didn’t take a nice picture of them… they’re still on my desk but they’re dry flowered.

Any-who, so time passed and finally, prom tickets were being sold. 85$ for “early bird” tickets, and after that the tickets were 90$. (I know, I thought they were mad expensive too!…) Mr. Leo and I contemplated just using the prom money to have our own formal night, but in the end we decided (well, I…) decided to stick with going to Prom… I mean we could always go to formal nights any other time, but Prom? Prom is only once! And… I need those prom pics ahaha. So we decided to attend prom. We rented a limo with like, 18 others.

Our prom was held at Arcadian Court, in downtown Toronto. Er… the theme? Midnight something? I don’t quite remember #guilty

Enough with the talk. PICTURES!

^Me and my very handsome boyfriend, Mr. Muffin.

^Take 2

^Inside, the tables we sat at from a floor higher.

^A group shot we took for prom pics!

^ Boutonniere and Corsage 🙂 Mr. Muffin got them so pretty! They are not dry flowers sitting on his desk at his house… unless he threw them out :S He better not have!

^A dolly-like picture of me ! Taken courtesy of Mr. Leo.

^A very characteristic photo of my Lion baby.

^Look at all those people! And guys, this is not even half of the attendees…

^What a romantic candle right? 😛

^Our table for the night. We had a hard time determining which pieces of cutlery belonged to who… I need to brush up on my table manner knowledge.

Now let us move onto the meal of the night shall we?

^The meal listing for that night

^The bread with butter. Everyone thought the bread was too chewy/hard, but I kind of liked it, if it weren’t for my annoyingly pained jaw…

^Meal #1, the salad piece. I personally liked it, especially the crispy things. Quite a delightful salad, and I liked devouring it like the hungry monster I was.

^Dish #2! Chicken thing… okay. The chicken bit was delicious, the meat was tender and nice, but I didn’t really like the items beneath it. Mashed potato.. gravy and whatnot? It was a bit too Swiss chalet for my liking. The herbs on the chicken  were phenomenal though!

^Me with the food! #bloggerthings

^The dessert piece, which I was extremely disappointed about. I mean it was just a cupcake! Something I could probably find in my super market!!….

^Nonetheless, I decided to promptly camwhore with the top cherry piece of the sorry excuse for a prom dessert.

^The delightful drink we were able to obtain at the drink bar 🙂



^Just a bit of blog PDA no biggie right? ;P

^When the dance music came on and people started hitting the dance floor, we decided to sit for a bit and camwhore in the lighting. Made us blurry! Probably because of the dark 😡

^Me, taking a reflection picture from the top of the limo 😡 I was so tired!!

^The only close-up you’re going to get of  my eyes 😛

Last picture for this post! It’s actually a picture my friend took for me of my Muffin and I slow-dancing. The song was “I don’t wanna miss a thing” by Aerosmith! I love this song!! Anywho, this next picture is one of my favourite!

Well, the original was just the picture, but I edited it a bit 😛 Just some filters and lighting adjustments, that’s about it ^^

After prom is a whole different story for another time 😉 hehe. You can probably guess what went down though.

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Pittsburgh and Buffalo Adventures!

28 Mar

Soo…..over the march break the fam and I took some famjam time off, and went to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania as well as visited Buffalo! 🙂

^Me, wish Junior again! yes, I took Junior again haha. 🙂 Was gonna miss my Bunny-boo, so took Junior!

^Crossing the bridge that takes us to the US border! …. Yes I took this from my seat haha! Mr. Leo was texting me the entire way, before we got to the borders. I lent him my computer so that he could play maple story… yes, my muffin plays maple story LOL He enjoys getting defamed….

^So, after we crossed we came across this little…. place that is a stop-by for many people on road trips. This happens to be a little stand inside the place, filled with coffee and coffee snacks.

^It was during the time of St. Patty’s day! They had this shamrock shake available at McDicks!! We all decided to order one and share it, to see how it tasted…..

^Well?!?! Doesn’t that look damn good!!!…. as well as mad fattening? -.- I mean would you look at the whipped cream at the top?? That alone looks like it could devastate a blood vessel…

How does it taste you ask? Well… GOOD. It’s this sweet, creamy substance that tastes like a frosty cream filling in your mouth. It is heavenly, but definitely not something one should order on their own…. we were a family of 5, and we barely finished it by the time everyone got full from taking mini sips….

So… in the hallway that led us from the parking lot to the eateries, there were a number of Easter decorations put up… although it was quite early for Easter but anywho….

Easter Bunny #1

Eater Bunnies #2 and #3

^Easter Chick #1

And… that’s about all the pics I took of the Easteries.


We stayed at The Embassy Suites Pittsburgh International Airport hotel and were VERY impressed!! At only about $85.00 per night, we were able to stay at a place that offered beautifully serene scenery, as well as a complimentary breakfast buffet!

Here are some pictures (although, unfortunately, I was dumb, didn’t bring my camera… used itouch camera which did the hotel no justice…) of the beautiful hotel.

^The lobby, a very homey welcoming place! Felt very welcome as soon as I stepped into the hotel! A definite plus!

^ There was a wonderful koi pond/waterfall near the entrance…

^More of the beautiful pond/waterfall

^taken from above

^The dining hall below! Isn’t it damn beautiful looks just like a patio!!



^Le random lamp place. Okay…poor picture choice, still nice okay!

^The beds were so nice #swag

Camwhored a bit before we went down to dinner… mind you, I was 100% make-up free the first day…

^Look at my cute Hello Kitty itouch case!

^My little sister Chinsley and I ❤


So, for dinner, we contemplated going a number of places, but eventually decided to dine in the hotel, at the restaurant/bar there. We weren’t expecting delicious + cheap food, and we were right, but nonetheless we were quite satisfied with our meal that night.

^The table setup is quite nice right?

^ The appetizers! A Caesar salad, spinach salad, calamari and buffalo wings 🙂 VERY delicious, and has made me fall in love with spinach ever since! Sweet spinach salad’s are the bomb!

^That rice. DAMN it was so healthy-delicious! and that steak! MMMM. Was on the special, about $17 for that plate. Found a hair on my asparagus though! To compensate, they gave us one free cake slice… (see bottom)

^ Didn’t want cake leh… but family was like, “WE ON VACATION” blah blah blah, so we ordered two cakes, one was an apple pie-type cake, the other was a cookie-dough-type cake. Both were very delicious, but heavy, can’t imagine eating one whole on my own!

The next morning, we ate at the complimentary breakfast buffet! All Embassy Suite hotels offer this, and I think it’s a great deal!

^The breakfast buffet counter. Ehh not much detail meh, oh well.

^omg!! I MUST share!! Okay, so there was this WAFFLE MAKING MACHINE!!! You can make your own waffles!! I was so excited, and the guy there to help you was so nice too! Wish they had whipped cream for the waffles though…

^They make you custom omelets , and I had this delicious danish. It was sweet, I has an extreme sweettooth! :3

Here’s some sight seeing shots!

We went to “The Point” …. apparently it’s supposed to be mad beautiful but we didn’t see anything that beautiful… I think we missed it or something.

^…normal looking right?


^Proof that I visited the Point.


^I personally thought this was much more beautiful! Look at the lights reflecting in the lake!! Love! I love nighttime cities and how they reflect and whatnot in the dark! It’s so beautiful! When we land in Toronto coming back from Japan in the nighttime, BOY is it beautiful because of all the lights! I don’t give a shit about “light pollution” activists and what not… It’s beautiful okay!

We also visited The Duquesne Incline, a historic landmark in Pittsburgh.

It is basically a little incline that takes you from the top to bottom or vice versa on this hill…



^Going down the incline…

^Me taking a picture with the building at the bottom of the incline.


^Me, with Pittsburgh in the background! damn artsy yes??



^Going back up the incline! A round trip up and down the famous incline is about $5.00 per person! An interesting experience!


^Le creepy house/restaurant next door to the incline… LOOK INSIDE!! DOESN’T IT LOOK LIKE AN ABANDONED PLACE THAT’S HAUNTED?!?!?

We then went to the place my father wanted to go to the most…


Some random pics… at the science centre…

btw my dad was so cute there! He was the only one running around like a little kid, observing every little thing, playing with every little gizmo available XD According to him, he’s never been to a science center before, and when he was a kid nobody ever took him, so he was super excited haha! So kawaii father! LOL


^A miniature train thing that showed Pittsburgh throughout all four seasons!! It was super cool!!


^Me, camwhoring with the robot behind me!! OMG one day robots will take over the world?!?!

That’s about it!! Now for some last minute redeeming camwhore pics that you DON’T wanna see!!

^Me !!… going up the incline. I look kawaii in this? Or not.

^Got photobombed by my little sister, Leesah.


^The Mommy and I ❤


^I looked so nice that day, wish Mr. Leo was there to see 😦

Speaking of Mr. Leo… I actually got him something in the States!!… *drumroll pleasee!*


It was green (Mr. Leo’s fav colour), liked spicy good (just like Mr. Leo) AND was born in August (Mr. Leo also!! altho not same date, but month the samee!!).

I think Mr. Leo loved it (^__^)

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Takara House Japanese Cuisine 物語

3 Feb

Hellllooo! 🙂 Today’s post is going to be about a Japanese eating place, cuisine, restaurant, all you can eatery, whatever you’d prefer to call such a place of foodery.

The title has 「物語」in it…because it means “Story” LOL Monogatari = story in Japanese 🙂 Basically the story of us going to takara house to eat :3 mrow

So Mr. Leo and I decided to go on a lunch date at this Japanese all you can eat place. Yes, I know. “Kat, you’re on a diet but you’re eating buffet?? HORRIBLE EXAMPLE!” I know!! But le bf has a way of talking me into anything. Literally, anything (._.) nobody else can talk me into a buffet but him. He should feel special.

^Look at him feeling all special and stuff. -.- Lucky guy don’t know how lucky. Only one can make me eat with a smile on my face mrow LOL miracle worker much? :S

^Me, no make-up face and lion hair after exams mrow. Why Mr. Leo can look so pretty even tho just done exams??

Anyhow, we decided to go with the all you can eat $10.99+tax which includes anything on the lunch menu except the sashimi. I thought this was pretty decent for an all you can eat, considering it had everything. To be quite honest, in respects to the sashimi-less issue, just order the sushi version of it and leave the rice! I know, I know not so economical but still!

Here’s a bad picture of the menu. (Mr. Leo and I not used to restaurant blogging okay! what? We’ll get better if I start loosing weight LOL)

^Whatever, zoom if you really want to know everything on the menu! Haha it’s basically a typical Japanese menu with all the different rolls and whatnots. It also includes some “kitchen” items which are like tempura, fried stuff and meats.

^Sneaky sneaky shot I took of man working in background. I could work for the FBI with my creeper skills mrow

^Another little iphone pic of the places interior ^^ Quite nice, although the lanterns words don’t quite match the restaurant (they say Ramen, but no ramen to be found on menu). Still, for a place that offers good, affordable food the atmosphere is nice. Kind of reminds me of a shady samurai sketch yakuza meetup place, actually. Except for the big windows that let everybody peer in, of course.

^Table set up. I must say, their cutlery is not half bad 🙂

^A G, even at a Japanese restaurant mrow. He’s uhm… a boss, allday erryday. LOL

So we ordered, waited patiently for the food to arrive.

One thing about this place, while the female waitress is friendly…I can’t say the same for the male waiter. He was kind of very…unapproachable. Or..just something about him is kind of unfriendly. Perhaps it’s the fact that he NEVER CRACKS A SMILE and GIVES OFF THE AIR THAT HE HATES HIS JOB. Which to me is not acceptable in the consumer-targeted industry.

Eventually, the nice waitress brought out the food 🙂 Here’s some pics of our fatassery!

^Spicy Handroll that we ordered anyhow 🙂 I liked, but kind of tasted like shredded crab meat… 6/10?

^Okay, photos from Mr. Leo’s iphone so much heavier than pics from my itouch… HOW COME? WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY ?? Anywho, those are some rolls 🙂 I swear, only places outside of Japan have these amazing delicacies mrow ❤ The one covered in yellow was like 5/10 had only greens. Eel roll was goooddd 8/10. One covered with salmon tasttyyyy! 9/10 wtf

^I believe that is the Sakura roll (7/10) , Unagi sushi (7/10) and Dragon roll (8/10)? 🙂

^Ton Katsu 🙂 Mr. Leo likes apparently. I actually like too, but very fattening la. I give it a 7.5/10 though, because my mommy makes it better mrow. #japaneseproblems

^Some tempura. 7/10, shrimp very thin as my mother pointed out. Not bad though for a buffet.

^Chicken Teriyaki and Eel handroll. I actually liked the chicken teriyaki, not too heavy and gross (8/10). The eel hand roll was actually quite nice, good combination with avocado and all! (8/10).

Doesn’t seem like much from the photos, but we we’re quite full after that. My parents actually came joined us afterwards, so then we had to eat a bit some more, but not much different from what we oredi ordered.

In all, I think it’s quite nice to eat here. The food is definitely not bad, the service is okay and summore it’s affordable.


– Tasty
-Rolls are not filled with rice like some other places
-They have nice azuki bean ice cream
-Wide variety to choose from


-Service sometimes on the slower side
-The tea is sometimes lukewarm and faded, making it taste quite a la shitty
-Waiter doesn’t smile
-Claimed to open at 11, had to wait until 11:15 or something to enter. While it’s not a big deal it is important for eateries to adhere to their claimed opening times.

Overall: 8/10

I do recommend this place, I believe the variety of foods offered is great for the price, and the food is quite tasty. Perfect for students on a low budget who still want to fill themselves (although I don’t recommend ANYBODY to eat here daily…that’s just unhealthy). The pros outweigh the unimportant cons, as you can probably tell from the list above.  I would definitely want to go again (provided it’s some special occasion and Mr. Leo somehow convinces me) and think it’s quite a nice place.


50 Bur Oak Ave
Unit 6
Markham, ON L6C 0A2

(905) 887-1988

Happy Sushi everybody! Now GOGOGO! Eat there haha. I swear you won’t regret it! (Unless you’re allergic…then don’t go)

Disclaimer: This was not sponsored in any way, and I am NOT responsible for dissatisfaction of any kind. I am simply writing a quick little post about what I think of the restaurant! 🙂

Haha! Thanks for reading my blog! Please comment and follow! I appreciate every single one! ^^

Bye! See you next time! ^^


FamJam time at the Falls

5 Jan

When I said Falls, I meant Niagara Falls 🙂

So basically for a night (2 days) my family and I decided to venture to Niagara Falls and stay at the Embassy Suites 🙂 We stay there at least once a year, and it’s quite an experience. If you want specific photos of the kind of Food and Pictures of the falls, I did a better job of capturing those moments last year, which you can see at my Japanese blog:

But again, those are just pictures of food (if you wanna get hungry LOL)

Here’s the site for it if you’re interested 🙂 I don’t think it’s that expensive, considering they give you meal vouchers…and it comes with a free breakfast buffet I think 🙂 I’m not sure how much but if you want you can check it out ^^

Soo anyway, the sad thing was before we left for Niagara Falls, Mr. Leo and I had a fight wtf.

I was all like

But I was quite chipper for most of the trip because

a) If I wasn’t, my mother would flip out on me

b) My family tends to be hilariously good at taking my mind off matters. (Ex/ My daddy says the funniest things. My sister wore her pj sweats to the roots outlet store, my dad took one look at her and started walking far away from her, and as he entered a different store he yelled out, “Lisa you’re an embarrassment to the Ng Society!” LOL it’s really funny the way my Daddy says things XD )

Doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about him though.

So anywho, I took Junior (got from Mr. Leo, because apparently it reminds him of when I’m all happy and trolling XD) to Niagara with me 🙂 (and yes, I have fallen victim to taking pics with my itouch and using instagram on it! Shhh! XD)

Yes, I had my forehead out this day. I know, I know I have a HUGE forehead, but it can’t be helped 😦 working on getting rid of acne. Anyway, so me and Junior were huddling the entire trip 🙂

^My Daddy, driving like a boss.

^The ceiling of the hotel lobby 🙂 I thought it was really pretty so I snapped a shot! Aesthetics in a hotel are extremely important you know!!

^Just wanted to emphasize how pretty the lobby is. The entire hotel is extremely neat and spiffy just like the lobby! This hotel never fails to impress me at how well it presents itself.

So….before going to the hotel, we went to some outlets to shop! I was trying to find stuff, but honestly I couldn’t find much. Bought a top at Garage though, that I might post pics of if I wear it LOL Here’s me posing with the Garage bag…

^Yup, just an excuse for me to post vain pics of me you don’t wanna see. My rash is getting better by the way! 🙂

Below are some pics of the falls at night from our suite 🙂

I think its very pretty, but my pictures do no justice to the beautiful view 😦 The falls are so nice, with the lights behind it and everything!

So…the hotel also offers free drinks !!! …. Yes I had some to drink

My Dad initially got it for my Mom, but she was like, “mehh” and I downed the entire thing… I know, I know…

I’m too hardcore for you people. #sarcasm

^It was like Strawberry flavoured 😀 It tasted mad good to me!… unfortunately…

^It got me red (.__.) It’s not as if I was drunk or anything, don’t get me wrong. But I was already red (T__T) Just like my parents, apparently I am not strong when it comes to alcohol…

Mother even chastised me because I seemed “drunk” (….I was actually perfectly fine. Just felt nice and warm inside)

Anyway, then we ate at the KEG  (again, for pictures of the food there, click the above link to my Japanese blog entry) It was mad delicious, but I swear I’ve gained mad weight…

That night, I spent a lot of time texting friends (I don’t quite remember why, but I was talking stuff with them, qqing and just ranting LOL…while my Daddy was beside me watching a program on tv about hoarders…) My sisters and mother were in the other room watching some next movie together (which my Daddy and I were like indifferent to, so we didn’t join them).

The next morning we woke up at like 7!! To eat breakfast 🙂 I was going to put on makeup… but got lazy. So, I just put on clothes and we went to eat breakfast 🙂 Ate a nice omlette and some other stuff, delicious. I love french toast.


^Me and Junior again.

^So…in the mall we were at, there was this RANDOM POLE and you know what?…It said “Welcome” in all these different languages… EXCEPT JAPANESE. #rage

Yeah, reader is probably hating all these memes I’m using 😦 But I can’t help it!…. ’cause you see…

“ERRRYDAY I’M 9GAGGIN” …quite literally ….. I have no life 😦

I even made Mr. Leo 9gag from time to time XD

^and this last pic here is of the supermarket we go to all the time to eat delicious Subs 🙂

When we got home, I went over to Mr. Leo’s and we got over our fight 🙂

Unfortunately though, I forgot to snap a picture.

We hung out today too..and I was wearing makeup!…And…forgot to camwhore 😦

Next time I will! hahaha! 🙂

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and I do wish for YOU to follow my blog and comment! ❤ 🙂


^…my forehead salutes you 😦

I Remember 2011 like it was just Yesterday…

1 Jan

HAHA! please don’t kill me for the overused title. #9gagthings did YOU spend New Years/the last day of 2011? Guess what? I actually went out on New Years… ! *le gasp*

Mr. Leo and I were gonna go downtown for New Years….but le parentals did not allow me… (-.-) I believe it was on account of it being much too dangerous…. or something. Even though I asked befo..anyway. Let’s not dwell on that XD

So, instead of hitting downtown Toronto, Canada, we decided to just chill and spend New Years together 🙂

As you may or may not know, I recently suffered from an allergic reaction to Benzaclin, (an acne medication containing benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin) which basically made me red and swelled up for the past week or so…as a result I felt mad ugly this entire period -.- Like it’s literally so sad and like…lizard skin 😦 And since makeup would probably irritate my skin even more, I was barefaced for new years too (actually, I was going to wear makeup but bf advised against it, ’cause he doesn’t like makeup). Then I tried to camwhore barefaced, which left me feeling like this:

^Le me, barefaced, the only thing saving me is the instagram effect of black and white XD

So…my bad on not being able to go Downtown 😦 So instead we decided to sleep most of the day LOL. I mean, yes we were looking forward to just going down the GTA together, but in a sense it’s more like..”it doesn’t quite matter what you do or where you do it…what matters the most of who you’re with”. So maybe it wasn’t that eventful, but it was one of the highlights of my year 🙂

I got an itouch awhile back with the front and back camera feature, so I figured I’d start putting it to good use this year! 🙂 Mr. Leo and I decided we’d take at least 2 pics a day for memories. He told me not to post these, I’m gonna post some of them anyway 🙂 What better way to note down memories than blogging them?? 🙂

So at about 7:30PM we decided to get something to eat ’cause we got hungry :3

^Me: Lets Kamhore!! Mr.Leo: …ok. Me: *snaps one* Mr. Leo: wait wtf…I don’t even look ready, in a beater -.-

^Mr. Leo: Okay, ready now. All he did was put on his necklace and a shirt ontop of his beater LOL. Me: dammit I wish I wore makeup…

And so we went to eat.

^He got. You can see his side is full of hot sauce LOL. I ate like half of that .

^I got 🙂 Singapore style yes?!?! One of my favourite even though it’s mad oily and curry included…. But I got full real fast ’cause I stole so much of his -.- Also too spicy for me to eat everything =(

Then headed over to FMP 🙂 There was some Asian countdown thing going on there LOL. We we’re kinda bored that night though, since there’s nothing to do #markhamproblems (yeah, I know it’s not twitter…I don’t care LOL)

^”Let’s Kamho infront of the x-mas trees!” “Okay!” *Scumbag Kat almost entirely leaves out the two trees supposed to be in the background of this pic…*

^ Mr. Leo: “Lemmie take a pic, it’ be like “heyyy I’m in the tv!!””

So while we we’re walking around FMP, we entered a mad-cute store Smart Maple 🙂 Here’s a random convo we had:

Me: So…you should learn some Japanese 🙂

Mr. Leo: ….nope.

Me: Kawaii! Remember what Kawaii means?

Mr. Leo: ….yes….of…course… *points at me* kawaii!

Me:…do you know what it means?

Mr. Leo: iunno, I don’t remember LOL

Me: Cute!! Kawaii! C’mon you gotta at least remember this word! *exiting store* OMG! kawaii! *points at cute charm*

Mr. Leo:….no

Me: eee? Kawaii kawaii! *points at something else* kawaii!

Mr. Leo: okay okay kawaii kawaii.

And so bf learned how to say cute in Japanese. Hope he remembers LOL it’s one of my favourite words to say XD

^…So I’ve made bf a sort-of 9gagger LOL. We’ll randomly pose in meme-poses. Can you guess which meme he was going for in this one?







LOL! We do this one the most! “ohh watch out! we got a badass (sometimes we’ll replace this word LOL) over here!”

“yo! pick up your phone!!” “I am I am!” “Why you not answering my calls?” “we’re on the phones together ;)”

“Let’s go outside I’m bored…”

“OMGG it’s too cold outside Mr. Leo D: I wanna go back in” “…fine, wait lemmie snap a pic”

^ “snap the pics for memories!” “ohhhkay Sir!”

^”Take a pic of our reflection!” *we both look at the pic” “omg sick! We look like ghosts!” “ghosties!!” *plays around with instagram effects*

^Yeah. Went home and randomly started decoing some of our pics 🙂 Has I a life? Yes. Yes I do.

New Years resolutions you ask? Why yes. Yes I have many. Here’s my list (so far). Rather than resolutions, perhaps it is more along the fine lines of not quite being a bucket-list, but close:

1) Lost at least 10 pounds. I can do this, I am most confident I can accomplish this task.

2) Rid myself of my chronic acne -.- I’m serious, I actually hate it so much and it bothers me! Also because I discovered, without acne, and if I am wearing makeup, my big forehead isn’t really that bad.

3) Learn more Chinese

4) Learn to cook

5) Blog way more often

6) Be the most amazing person I can be towards those I love.

That’s about it for new years! 😀 I hope 2012 is an amazing year for everybody. Let’s make amazing memories. Let’s all smile, it’s a new year!

Would love for YOU to comment and sub my blog! 🙂

-Kat the Nidorina

Japan Tomorrow! :)

29 Jun

Hai! So as some of you know, I am going to Japan…like, tomorrow!

Thankfully, I am going to have internet there! So I can blog about it 🙂 Am super excited this year because not only are we going to Tokyo, but we are visiting Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima! 🙂 I will probably be the mad lady taking mad pictures LOL And I will post whenever possible :)!

I might also post videos on my youtube channel 🙂

of course, if time allows it haha. I am going to have to pack!

Tip one for travelling to countries with pretty clothes: packing light is the only option! Especially seeing as there is a strict weight limit of luggage, if you want to go on a shopping spree, pack lightly! Bring only necessities and a huge bag (so when you go back, u can carry all your things!).

Tip two for travelling, mad comfy clothes on the plane! I am going to be wearing my rompers. Just to reiterate how they look, heres an old pic:


Alright! So I have to get ready and pack, do laundry, clean my room and other last minute preparations, so I’ll be getting on that ! 🙂 I hope to blog again soon ^^