Muscles hurt? :S

2 Mar

Ermmm so yesterday, I ran 5hundred something calories πŸ™‚ But today I decided was gonna be my alternate rest day (basically I let myself “rest” for 2/7 days a week). Honestly, I was gonna run today (even got into my run clothes…) but when I started stretching, I realized that…my muscles all hurt like a bitch. It wasn’t even like … *you can man it!* kinda hurt, it was like *uhhhh please don’t make me move* kinda drowsy run. So, even though I was gonna save my rest day for tmrw, I decided my body needed it today (because as they say, your body knows best!)

Sooo heres the jist of what I ate today. I made a HUGE mistake: ate less for lunch, thought to myself “yess!” but then somehow allowed myself to pig out for afterschool snack. Ughh. My mom was pushing me to eat half a lowfat cinnamon bun and roastbeed sammich wtf. FML.

Buttered bread – 188 calories
Ham – 35 calories
Fried Egg – 70 calories
1/2 banana – 62 calories
yogurt – 35 calories
5 strawberries – 30 calories
almond milk – 80 calories

2 banana bread pieces – 133 calories
3/4 orange – 78 calories
8 Baby carrots – 32 calories
9 celery ministicks – 9 calories (OMG can i just say…I HATE celery? It tastes like SHIT or something wtf. BUT its an ultimate health food, and “negative calories” so…I just sucked it up and pounded them through my throat into my stomach orz)

Snack (okay, be prepared to be grossed out at my fatassness. )
Mini mom-made roast beef miniwich – 150 calories
mini cinnamon bun piece – 150 calories
1/2 cup of 1% milk – 60 calories
Jelly – 5 calories
3 chips – 10 calories
banana piece – 85 calories (fml. mindless munching kills)

Nikujaga – about 300 calories.

My grand total is…. *drumroll* 1512 calories! I’m getting better! only about 100 more than I should be getting, so I’m pretty proud. πŸ™‚ Now think, if I didn’t snack on that mini cinnamon bun…I coulda been at 1400 calories!…*darnit!*

So enough about food, heres what I wore today:
OKAY OKAY… So I look kind of shitty today. It’s fine, thats been established! I wore a pair of jeans, t-shirt and cardigan. Usually, I HATE wearing un-straight leg jeans, because I feel like they make my thighs look huge! But I wore my heeled sneakers, so I guess its not too bad ne? Sorry my long hair covers so much >.< No makeup today again. Why am I so lazy??

Today I was watching Tokyo Kawaii TV, and saw Gaijin Gyarus, which are basically foreigners who are into/part of Gyaru subculture! πŸ™‚ I look up to Gyarus and think they are sooo pretty! Although, I don’t think I could go full-on Gyaru. Why? Because I would never think of dying my hair (I don’t want damage! I would dye it pretty-brown if I had shorter hair, but I don’t want to dye my beautiful long hair <==vanity?). Also, OMG contact lenses kill me! 😦 I LOVE how they look, but last time I put them in I spent half an hour crying/eye-watering….so sad 😦

At school today, I was called down to guidance, because they asked if I would like to switch from my grade 12 law course to a grade 12 politics course (for next year). I’m still thinking about it, I am very indecisive :(! But the grade 12 politics teacher seemed so nice and I felt I could click with her, whereas the law teacher, I’ve never had him but I’ve heard hes an ultimate teacher. I mean, he has twitter. Any teacher who has twitter is ultimate in my book. Sooo….I have to decide by tomorrow! Damnnn! 😦

My muscles still hurt…and I have a philosophy essay to write that I haven’t started. I wanna get good on this essay! Bye bye πŸ™‚ I better work out tmrw! XD



2 Responses to “Muscles hurt? :S”

  1. madalynrae March 4, 2011 at 6:31 PM #

    Wow, you are totally like not even fat. I wish I had the determination you have– I can’t remember the lasts time i ran off 500 calories at once. I’m also unreasonably jealous of your hair– it’s sooo long.

    • NyankoHime March 4, 2011 at 10:58 PM #

      noo I hide my fat with my clothes! πŸ™‚ highheels + leggings make the thickest legs look more toned ^^
      yesss. Sometimes i just wanna give up :l 500 calories is so easy to eat…but sooo much harder to burn off! pain huh? XD
      awh thanks XD my hairs the one thing im proud of lol. but sometimes, too long and gets damaged! Dx
      thanks for checking out my blog! ^^

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