Twin Day at schooolll! :)

8 Mar

Hello! so, havent blogged in a few days, what a crime LOL So, this week is spirit week!! and, I’m a day late with this post but yesterday was “twin day” and today was “pj day”! 🙂 I forgot to take pics of my pjs, but took some pics on twinday! 🙂 My twin was my friend Meli, can you believe it took us an entire afternoon talking online to decide what to wear? XD In the end we decided to keep the clothes simple and try to match our accessories. Here’s what I looked like, she;s the one with the pro camera so I dont have any pics with her with me yet, but this is basically how our outfits went:

wait…..what? how am i so stupid that I don’t take a pic of the outfit itself? :/ ok. I will post when the photos go on fb. For now, some random camwhore pics. Dammit wish I could photoshop them pretty! 😦

Ew 😦 crooked smile orz I need invisaligns! Because braces as a grade 11 is not acceptable in my timeline.

Not much different pic, but I like my lips in this one. Or more so, that I hid my teeth (y) I need a self esteem boost sometimes rawr.

I demand that this pic shall only be looked at sideways! Because all the pics I take that are like…sideways then I fix them to be horizontal look extremes ugliess 😦 Is it my face? DID I OFFEND MY CAMERA OR SOMETHING BY TILTING IT? WTF

BECAUSE I’VE BEEN TOLD THAT I LOOK BEST WHEN I SMILE. or maybe those people just wanted to say I was ugly when I frowned. Either way, I like my photos better when I smile because I realized it helps stretch my nose, and make it less pig-like. :D!

Why am I surprised you ask? because, all these photos are relatively the same. And I just posted them wtf?

Sooooo like the usamimi (bunny ear style headthing) ? I do too. If you don’t, oh well, I dont care 🙂

I’m looking at above pic and realizing its a very unflattering pic of me 😦 why am I posting these uglies on the net?

OK so lets move onto what I ate..that day.

1/2 roast beef sandwich – 150 calories
1/2 eggsalad sandwich – 200 calories
4 california-like rolls – 140 calories
1 inari sushi – 90 calories (wtf. this one is def not worth it!)
1% milk – 110 calories
Celery – 15 calories
Carrots – 40 calories
Apples – 110 calories
Orange – 100 calories
Papaya – 55 calories
Ottoto snack – 178 calories
Mini piece of chocolate – 60 calories
Shrimp onion – 150 calories
Cabbage veg – 100 calories
Chicken veg – 150 calories

Loooks sooo tasty right? I know you want some, crap quality taken by my webcam! www

For a grand total of 1658 calories! Plus I ran 550 calories that day? 🙂 So…not too bad right?

And then today, pj day forgot to take pics 😦 So, just post calories. Todays was quite horrific 😦 I hope I don’t gain too much weight tmrw…

3 Chicken pieces – 211 calories
Pizza toast – 140 calories (omg mommy made it, can’t piss her off by throwing it away! D:)
1/2 banana – 62 calories
orange – 100 calories
almond milk – 80 calories
Honeydew – 100 calories
3 banana cakes – 200 calories
Cinnamon candy – 20 calories
Random bits and pieces – 150 calories
Steak 3 small pieces – 200 calories
Bread slice with BUTTER! – 188 calories (should have never touched the bread! but so tempting my mommy just made it, fresh from the oven! how can I avoid that?? 😦 I am weak!)
Acai Juice – 100 calories (heard this is good for weight loss??)
Salad – 150 calories
Asparagus + Carrots -72 calories

Anyway, this led to a whopping 1778 calories! 😦 I’m very off my target of 1400 calories a day….How did I do it last year?? 😦 Must work harder la! But on the bright(ish) side, burned a nice 550 calories running today! ^^ Started new drama “Sushi Ouji”! Has Domoto Koichi in it, pretty funny drama lol. I realized, that funny/school/comedic dramas are easier to run with than sad/romance-dripping/un-upbeat dramas. I wonder why?

Anyway, done post for todayy! 🙂 I’m trying to sleep earlier !! hear it helps with weight loss 😉 Gnightt!



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