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Kat’s Prom 2012

29 Jun

Wow so me blogging has become way overdue! Things have been really hectic with me being a senior and all with graduation and final assignments/tests and whatnot 😡

Today I wanna just blog about my Prom experience, since Prom (to me, at least) was a pretty big thing. For my boyfriend it wasn’t really a big deal apparently -.- but to me it was pretty important! (I mean, it’s prom! Once in a lifetime prom!)

Okay wow. hmm. Where does this story even start? I was pretty stoked about Prom ever since my grade 11 year when my grade 12 friends went, and they took pictures and whatnot. I mean, what’s not to be excited about? Formal wear, dancing, pictures, princess-feeling… Of course, back in grade 11 I scoffed at the idea of having a date. I thought multiple times, “No… what if we break up and the prom pictures goes to waste?” and didn’t even speculate that I would be going to prom with a date; of course I was wrong. *Cue Mr. Leo*

So, after awhile of Mr. Leo and I dating, I found out he did not particularly have much interest in attending prom. I didn’t want to push him, but I wanted him to go with me. (I mean, we need prom pictures to show our children….) LOL After some small drama (which isn’t really worth mentioning), we decided to attend prom together.


Promposal (n) – the act of asking somebody to prom in an elaborate manner. A combination of the words prom and proposal.

I feel like, many girls dreams are to get the perfect promposal… am I wrong? ahaha. I honestly though, did not think my boyfriend was going to prompose… like, I felt almost as if it was just a given that we would go to prom together… so I didn’t quite expect it (although I can not deny I wanted it…)

Sooo it came as quite the surprise when my boo boo muffin decided to prompose to yours truly. He called me randomly one night as I was helping his cousin with her homework, telling me to look outside. What did I see?… let me show you, rather than try to explain what him and his friends did…

It was so pretty! I was so happy about this! It was so sweet, and he also gave me a bunch of flowers… which him and his friends apparently obtained in an *cough* interesting manner XD hmm… too bad I didn’t take a nice picture of them… they’re still on my desk but they’re dry flowered.

Any-who, so time passed and finally, prom tickets were being sold. 85$ for “early bird” tickets, and after that the tickets were 90$. (I know, I thought they were mad expensive too!…) Mr. Leo and I contemplated just using the prom money to have our own formal night, but in the end we decided (well, I…) decided to stick with going to Prom… I mean we could always go to formal nights any other time, but Prom? Prom is only once! And… I need those prom pics ahaha. So we decided to attend prom. We rented a limo with like, 18 others.

Our prom was held at Arcadian Court, in downtown Toronto. Er… the theme? Midnight something? I don’t quite remember #guilty

Enough with the talk. PICTURES!

^Me and my very handsome boyfriend, Mr. Muffin.

^Take 2

^Inside, the tables we sat at from a floor higher.

^A group shot we took for prom pics!

^ Boutonniere and Corsage 🙂 Mr. Muffin got them so pretty! They are not dry flowers sitting on his desk at his house… unless he threw them out :S He better not have!

^A dolly-like picture of me ! Taken courtesy of Mr. Leo.

^A very characteristic photo of my Lion baby.

^Look at all those people! And guys, this is not even half of the attendees…

^What a romantic candle right? 😛

^Our table for the night. We had a hard time determining which pieces of cutlery belonged to who… I need to brush up on my table manner knowledge.

Now let us move onto the meal of the night shall we?

^The meal listing for that night

^The bread with butter. Everyone thought the bread was too chewy/hard, but I kind of liked it, if it weren’t for my annoyingly pained jaw…

^Meal #1, the salad piece. I personally liked it, especially the crispy things. Quite a delightful salad, and I liked devouring it like the hungry monster I was.

^Dish #2! Chicken thing… okay. The chicken bit was delicious, the meat was tender and nice, but I didn’t really like the items beneath it. Mashed potato.. gravy and whatnot? It was a bit too Swiss chalet for my liking. The herbs on the chicken  were phenomenal though!

^Me with the food! #bloggerthings

^The dessert piece, which I was extremely disappointed about. I mean it was just a cupcake! Something I could probably find in my super market!!….

^Nonetheless, I decided to promptly camwhore with the top cherry piece of the sorry excuse for a prom dessert.

^The delightful drink we were able to obtain at the drink bar 🙂



^Just a bit of blog PDA no biggie right? ;P

^When the dance music came on and people started hitting the dance floor, we decided to sit for a bit and camwhore in the lighting. Made us blurry! Probably because of the dark 😡

^Me, taking a reflection picture from the top of the limo 😡 I was so tired!!

^The only close-up you’re going to get of  my eyes 😛

Last picture for this post! It’s actually a picture my friend took for me of my Muffin and I slow-dancing. The song was “I don’t wanna miss a thing” by Aerosmith! I love this song!! Anywho, this next picture is one of my favourite!

Well, the original was just the picture, but I edited it a bit 😛 Just some filters and lighting adjustments, that’s about it ^^

After prom is a whole different story for another time 😉 hehe. You can probably guess what went down though.

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Happy Easter!

9 Apr

Ermm just a Kamho post 😛 Say Happy Easter!!

What I actually am very excited for is the post-easter chocolate sales! Gonna get Mr. Leo to go with me so we can buy lots of chocolate, I can feel happy, eat a piece or two and then Mr. Leo can take care of the rest (even though he doesn’t love chocolate as much as I do….)

OK SO I WAS LIKE… almost easter, should put the BUNNY EARS to good use! ^^

Okay… very hard to get the bunny ears in picture okay?!?! hahaha. BUT I’ve mastered (ok not mastered… but gotten better at) the art of bottom lashes! Quite naise right??

Not vain I promise.


Hoppity hop! I’m a bunny!


erm… ignore messy hair plox x__X ’tis a wig to be honest. BTW I super want to get a pink wig!! So pretty (*_*)


I think tongue stick-out fixes all my face flaws. What do you think? O_O


Little bit sophisticated shot, no? :O


errr the entire outfit :3 sorry haven’t perfected the art of taking mirror kamho shots… very hard -.-




I call that my sincere smile…


I call that my teeth smile wtf cox I got teeth now. I have small teeth and bumpy also -.- dislike!





ok gonna end post abruptly before people from my school find this and think I’m vain or ugly or self-absorbed or something.

Thanks for reading! 😀 Comments and follows VERY appreciated ❤



With Green Behind Us [Photoshoot] [Picture Heavy!]

5 Mar

Okay! So haven’t blogged in awhile, but today I’m just going to be quickly sharing with you some photos taken by my dear friend Karmen 🙂 She took the photos for her school photography class assignment, where she essentially had to take “celebrity-like” photos of somebody! I was honoured to be her model for the session, and it was mad fun working with her and my muffin. I haven’t done this in awhile, and was quite rusty on posing and whatnot, but she put up with my indecisiveness really nicely, and I think we both had a good time ^^

All photo credits go to my friend 🙂 I can’t take photos for shit LOL

Ok! Enough talking right? Time to share the pics ❤ 😀 Uhmm if anything scroll down, because I think the best shots are near the end 😛

^Oh…hi there. So I guess you’re gonna be viewing the pics right?

^I thought this was quite cute 😀 Not the most flattering of me, but it was funny right? haha

^ My *serious* face looks weird. teehee.

^ Sad Kat is sad 😦 come cheer her up!

^And with a flip of my magic hair….

^I’ve turned into a serious…. and ew why my nose so weird face??? fuck man. Life sucks LOL

^Nevermind okay! Look at my hair instead! LOL it’s quite healthy right?? I promote head and shoulders! that stuff is like godessness for your hair!! 😀

^Halfway through I peered over at Mr. Leo doing nothing, so I walked over and posed with him… this lead to a number of things…

^Okay I look terrible in this one, but my muffin looks damn good so I post it. I’m such an amazing girlfriend right?? #hahaimjoking

^Otay, this one my face looked horrendous, but my body and Mr. Leo looked damn good, so I decided to just crop out my face!

^….Hahaha. I has the power!!!

^Hey Mr. Leo, can I sit in your lap??

^I was allowed to, but I dislike my face in this one -.- Just, Mr. Leo looks good right? So post.

^Changed clothing! I like this outfit very much ❤ 😀 I love ponchos!!

^Oh the imaginary snow is falling!

^Okay! “Do same pose but more serious face!!”

^ What a solemn expression. I love it. arrrrr.

^I’m having a sideconversation okay! not my fault! 😀

^ Okay not so bad shot 🙂 I like 😀

I don’t know guys! My face is so unphotogenic unless I’m self-taking the shots -.- #sadtimes #okayguy.jpg

^this one’s one of my favourites! 😀 it’s…not bad right? 😀

^I know repetitive shot but…. I can’t decide between these four -.- #noobblogger

^Okay. depending if you like me or not, this can be seen as extremely ugly/sleepy/whatthefuckisherface….or casually sexy. You decide LOL

^If anybody ever wondered what I look like when I sleep, I think I look something like this. I’m not sure though, ask my parents, sisters or Mr. Leo for confirmation.

^Lastly, the photo my friend used for her final final hand-in of her assignment (I’m assuming). Photo-edited by her, and I love! I hope she aces this assignment!!


Thanks again Karmen ❤ 🙂 Very enjoyed ^^

Thanks for reading my blog guys! ❤ 🙂 Comment and follow please! Every comment is appreciated max! ❤


Frump-Kute le Rina

28 Jan

Soooooooooo….I’ve recently become quite into オバカワ…(Oba-kawa) fashion. I guess you could say it’s a trend? Granny-cute, frump-cute whatever 🙂 I think it’s adooooorable!

So, one of my friends sold/gave me her oxford style shoes (I was VERY mad excite!!) and I tried them out today!! (With the clothes and thigh high socks like I want to wear them) I was sooo happy! I’ve been looking for oxford-style shoes with heels for awhile now, and it’s interesting because I see them everywhere in flat styles, but not heeled. When I finally got my hands on a pair, I nearly collapsed in happiness juice.

^Please ignore my cankles… T_T I’ve finally started working out again, so they should be gone in awhile…. teehee.

I was really contemplating what outfits would go well with these shoes. I know scholar-style and frump-kute style would probably look great with such cute shoes… so I tried putting together what I had in my closet and seeing what fit! 🙂 I actually came across a lotta outfits, but only decided to take a pic of one.


WARNING: Please excuse the very amateurishness of my photos. I took them myself with self-timer and…it was my first time LOL. Next time I’m getting Mr. Leo to help me take them!! I swear he will become an expert photographer LOOL  

^….ignore face please and thighs LOOL. Okay, I know you prob think this is a very plain outfit 😛 But I thought it was cute. Why? Let me list the factors:

1) The top is a cute oversized knit-style sweater that my grandfather in Japan bought me ❤ 🙂

2) I’m wearing thigh high socks. What’s not cute about that please?

3) The shoes are cute okay.

4) Bare legs even though it’s winter?? Plus some cute points and hard-working points there 🙂 (yeah I know I don’t actually show my bare legs in the winter 😦 Canadian winters are TOOOO cold! Can’t be that vain)

And so, the kamhoing began! mrow.

^Am I mysterious or what??

^Actually I’m a happy happy little chicka.

^Actually, I have back problems 🙂 teehee

^Well lookie here, we got ourselves a bipolar. I put my hands up in the air sometimesssss.



^…..I’m obviously a spy.

^Actually nope. I’m just a happy Kat :3 Look at that smile on my face guys LOOOL What am I so happy about you ask? I don’t actually know.

Sooo here’s some face shots, because I love kamhoing with my itouch LOL It’s a renowned hobby of mine :3

^I look psyched out. Kind of. Or….no I just have this creepy dolly look on my face I think MROW

^Oh well Rina, that’s a little better! Seems a bit more chipper :3

^well hi there, Sir chinks-a-lot. Tell me, what time do those eyes of yours open? Oh…never? #sadtimes


Let’s add some random accessories to the outfit! Start of with fake glasses!! I don’t care if you think it’s lame that they don’t have lenses. Lol please don’t be jealous ’cause you can’t pull them off like I can 😛 mrow.

^Do I look like a shy scholar-girl? 🙂

^I’m a little bit of a trouble maker~ 🙂 mrow

^Here’s a normal smile 🙂 I find that red lipstick and these glasses go quite well together. What do you think? ^^


Next lets try a hat… a white hat! 🙂

^I don’t really like this hat actually 😦 It’s too short and slips off my head and makes my head static-y! Not so nice, especially since I suffer from enough static from the knitted sweater….

And lastly… LETS ADD A SCARF! 😀

^….is it just me or do I look like I have a batwing LOOOL FML! Thighs… Y U NO LOOK SKINNIER FROM THE SIDE ??? 😦

That’s it for today guys! It’s actually exam week and I took the time to do this…’cause I was bored LOL.

Gonna study with the boo tomo and Sunday though! So he better be prepared! haha 🙂

^My failed attempt at winking ;)…. #closeenoughguy.jpg

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Geolica Lady Series: Light Brown Contacts Review

17 Jan

Today I’m going to be writing a little review about a new colour contact lens that I believe, just came out! Yes, I am talking about the GEOLICA Lady Series! 🙂

According to the site, this series

“offers astoundingly vivid colors that accentuates and brightens the eye. These 3-tone lenses are recommended for darker irises and for those desiring a look that stands out”.

These lenses have been approved by Health Canada and are being distributed by GEO Medical Canada. I was asked to do a little review on them, and I’m glad I was able to try them!

For the various colours that are available, visit their site at:

For reviewing purposes I was given the GS – A14 (Light Brown) to try out!

^The packaging was very pretty, it came in a pink box. (My sister and I at first both assumed they were pink contacts and got so excited! haha We’ve always wanted to try pink contacts 🙂 ) But anywho, the packaging is very aesthetically pleasing and excitable.

Some details about these lenses: 

Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 42%
Material: Polymacon
Lifespan: About 3 months according to the box, a year according to the pamphlet

Here’s some pictures of me wearing them… 🙂

Taken with my camera for better quality…. (excuse the messy mermaid hair, this was taken after a long day at school 😦 )

These were taken from my itouch, a fresher batch of pictures considering the fact that they were taken in the morning, right after I got ready 🙂 :

^A little close-up! 🙂

^Big eyes in this pic right? 🙂 I love these lenses!


My personal thoughts on this product: 

Let me just say, the comfort level is GREAT! To be completely honest, I thought I would never be able to be a gyaru because I couldn’t conform to the lens trend, due to the discomfort I experience from contact lenses in my eyes. By far, this pair was probably the most comfortable I’ve tried, and I could actually go through an entire day at school without being extremely irritated at the product lingering in my eye. Yes, I needed to use eyedrops about once, but trust me, if I can go with them for a day without complaining, their comfort level is quite high.

Another thing I found as a pro, was that they were really easy to put in. I’m not sure about other people, but I usually have to try a few times before I get the contacts into my eyes. With these ones, they seem to just slip onto my eye the first time which really saves me a lot of trouble and time in the mornings!

They also did a great job of enlarging my small eyes. I think when I wear these lenses, my eyes get quite bigger, if you compare these pictures to pictures of me without contacts/makeup on.

I can’t really say that they were that natural though; but they did have a very nice colour. If one wants something natural, I’m guessing something along the lines of the Freshlook Series is somewhere more to look to. This pair of lenses gave a nice colour, (it wasn’t too heavily pigmented that it didn’t allow light into my eyes) and I really do like them.

Although they may be a little more expensive than other brands of lenses, the comfort level makes it perfectly understandable and I would definitely purchase these in a different colour again! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


Beauty one: Contacts! ; Life one: Young People’s Theatre

11 Apr

Okay. Who doesn’t like contacts wtf?? HOW CAN HATE ON SUCH AWESOME STUFFS??? Except… JEALOUS PEOPLE. ??

Okay. Maybe I lied (about jealousness) since I’ve heard some comments about color cons, circle lenses that aren’t about “jealousy” or so they say. Whatever, either way I am an avid fan of them!!! How can one hate on something that makes your eyes SO MUCH BIGGER?? …. If you eyes are already big…. eff. THINK ABOUT PEOPLE LIKE ME WITH NATURALLY SMALL EYES PLEASE??!!! XD Okay, so on friday I wore my purple contacts (my vision is 20/20 btw, so I don’t technically “need” contacts… no prescrip) and I felt so ALIVE! …or maniquin like. but yeah… here it is :


uhh… wtf? why looks so ugly on wordpress….

ah. I love how wordpress lets me upload my ugly face in highres! So i dont have to make each one smaller and pixely like on my ameba blog!! Mad love!!

oh look! I’m doing a trying to be kawaii pose 😀 yay. cause who doesn’t love those??

gonna insert a CLOSEUP of the eye…. erm please excuse the ugly messed up makeup <.< long story short, did it in my first period drama class (supply) and my eyelid glue spilt (was not born blessed with double eyelids) and stressed and…. my FALSE LASHES WERE NOT COOPERATING (ok rant about this another post). So yeah. All in all it looked bad up close, not bad in a distance. I like my slsh thing by the way. my tail of the eyeliner, if you will XD

What I was wearing that day incase your were wondering. Because of course, gonna wonder what I wore right?!?!!…. ok I confess I just wanted to show off my skirt. Can you blame me? I’m so buying the floral skirts fashion this year!! Let me show you what I really want though, (like the skirt im wearing is a temp skirt to fullfill my desire for skirts). Heres wat I really want :

something like that *points up* SO PRETTY RIGHT? Must go shopping in Japan….

I’m gonna end off this contacts post with… a PS’d pic of contacts!

ooooo! SEE CONTACTS HAVE THE ABILITY TO MAKE EYES BIGGER! okay I lied again this was me, photoshopping contacts onto my eye… tee hee. Im loving this pic and its my facebook pic and my wordpress pic and my twitter pic, so please don’t ruin it for me by saying its ugly D: DON’T CRUSH A TEENAGE GIRL’S DREAMS AH!!


Young People’s Theatre.

So on Saturday, aunty bought us tickets to see this show… I think i can played at the toronto Young People’s Theatre. My sister was semi-whining about going because (according to her and her class who went to see it the week before) it was boring as hell. But whatever, I wasn’t one to judge before i see it for myself. So, i skipped like the last period of my japanese school volunteer to go see this show. btw did I mention none of the characters talk in this?… They communicate via tapdance. Well… its a nice element I guess. A good dramatic production. Good actors. too bad didn’t allow any photography… 😦

My ticket. Thanks auntie! ❤

The logo thing. The sign at the top/front of the place. I THINK ITS MAD UGLY…. I mean the LKTYP thingy is pretty letters I guess… but the yellow in the background and everything? not pretty <.< But I guess they don’t really need it to be that aesthetically pleasing. It’s the theatre that counts!….

Outside of the theatre place…. is pretty! The doors are pretty and cool-looking. LOOK AT THE MANY DOORS! 😀

Uh… so I have no other pics. 😦 The show itself not bad. The characters were all well developed and each had meaning to them. I didn’t fall asleep so it wasn’t boring. It wasn’t the best show I’ve seen but definitely not the worst. I didn’t feel like I wasted my time either. For a non-talking script, it was well developed. The only character who talked (the teacher) had carefully picked lines that added to the play rather than take away from the speechless effect. (was funny! told lame science jokes! haha like… What was the name of the iron child? EFFIE! bahahahahahahaha priceless!!)

Ok. Im gonna share some downtown toronto pics. On the carride there, I took them.


Pretty shot, cause hey: I can be artsy sometimes!

ooo! CN tower! and I liked this “street” shot. artsy right? 😀

ok…. can anybody explain to me WTF these houses are? like why are their mouths open? are they oooing at something in particular? I NEVER understood this particular protected neighbourhood sign….

Must end off with cute pic!! this is in my moms dashboard (is that wat its called?) the top front part of the car inside. SO CUTE RIGHT??


Twin Day at schooolll! :)

8 Mar

Hello! so, havent blogged in a few days, what a crime LOL So, this week is spirit week!! and, I’m a day late with this post but yesterday was “twin day” and today was “pj day”! 🙂 I forgot to take pics of my pjs, but took some pics on twinday! 🙂 My twin was my friend Meli, can you believe it took us an entire afternoon talking online to decide what to wear? XD In the end we decided to keep the clothes simple and try to match our accessories. Here’s what I looked like, she;s the one with the pro camera so I dont have any pics with her with me yet, but this is basically how our outfits went:

wait…..what? how am i so stupid that I don’t take a pic of the outfit itself? :/ ok. I will post when the photos go on fb. For now, some random camwhore pics. Dammit wish I could photoshop them pretty! 😦

Ew 😦 crooked smile orz I need invisaligns! Because braces as a grade 11 is not acceptable in my timeline.

Not much different pic, but I like my lips in this one. Or more so, that I hid my teeth (y) I need a self esteem boost sometimes rawr.

I demand that this pic shall only be looked at sideways! Because all the pics I take that are like…sideways then I fix them to be horizontal look extremes ugliess 😦 Is it my face? DID I OFFEND MY CAMERA OR SOMETHING BY TILTING IT? WTF

BECAUSE I’VE BEEN TOLD THAT I LOOK BEST WHEN I SMILE. or maybe those people just wanted to say I was ugly when I frowned. Either way, I like my photos better when I smile because I realized it helps stretch my nose, and make it less pig-like. :D!

Why am I surprised you ask? because, all these photos are relatively the same. And I just posted them wtf?

Sooooo like the usamimi (bunny ear style headthing) ? I do too. If you don’t, oh well, I dont care 🙂

I’m looking at above pic and realizing its a very unflattering pic of me 😦 why am I posting these uglies on the net?

OK so lets move onto what I ate..that day.

1/2 roast beef sandwich – 150 calories
1/2 eggsalad sandwich – 200 calories
4 california-like rolls – 140 calories
1 inari sushi – 90 calories (wtf. this one is def not worth it!)
1% milk – 110 calories
Celery – 15 calories
Carrots – 40 calories
Apples – 110 calories
Orange – 100 calories
Papaya – 55 calories
Ottoto snack – 178 calories
Mini piece of chocolate – 60 calories
Shrimp onion – 150 calories
Cabbage veg – 100 calories
Chicken veg – 150 calories

Loooks sooo tasty right? I know you want some, crap quality taken by my webcam! www

For a grand total of 1658 calories! Plus I ran 550 calories that day? 🙂 So…not too bad right?

And then today, pj day forgot to take pics 😦 So, just post calories. Todays was quite horrific 😦 I hope I don’t gain too much weight tmrw…

3 Chicken pieces – 211 calories
Pizza toast – 140 calories (omg mommy made it, can’t piss her off by throwing it away! D:)
1/2 banana – 62 calories
orange – 100 calories
almond milk – 80 calories
Honeydew – 100 calories
3 banana cakes – 200 calories
Cinnamon candy – 20 calories
Random bits and pieces – 150 calories
Steak 3 small pieces – 200 calories
Bread slice with BUTTER! – 188 calories (should have never touched the bread! but so tempting my mommy just made it, fresh from the oven! how can I avoid that?? 😦 I am weak!)
Acai Juice – 100 calories (heard this is good for weight loss??)
Salad – 150 calories
Asparagus + Carrots -72 calories

Anyway, this led to a whopping 1778 calories! 😦 I’m very off my target of 1400 calories a day….How did I do it last year?? 😦 Must work harder la! But on the bright(ish) side, burned a nice 550 calories running today! ^^ Started new drama “Sushi Ouji”! Has Domoto Koichi in it, pretty funny drama lol. I realized, that funny/school/comedic dramas are easier to run with than sad/romance-dripping/un-upbeat dramas. I wonder why?

Anyway, done post for todayy! 🙂 I’m trying to sleep earlier !! hear it helps with weight loss 😉 Gnightt!