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Vegas is HOT…what??

27 Aug

Well, I’m back from my Vegas and Japan trip! And It’s been much too long since I’ve last updated my little blog. I guess you could say I was busy, or I loafted…or whatever the case is, I slacked. Not much else to say :S I guess you could say today’s post is going to be a little summary of week in VEGAS!!


So, the first place we actually ventured to was Buffalo, which we stayed for a night. Then the next morning we flew to Vegas for our one week stay!


^The sandwich factory. Okay, actually I’m not even sure if it was called that, but it’s basically like… there’s a paper bag and you…basically CHECK OFF what you want in your sub/sandwich…. to speed up the process of creating “diy-type” sandwiches! Pretty smart huh! But still airplane food is damn expensive….



^I love having the window seat because I love clouds

When we arrived our first thought was “WHAT? WHY IS IT SO HOT??” Let me tell you, I thought I was in an OVEN!! Who knew vegas was so hot?!?!?! (Later I told boyfriend, he said “what did you expect? you’re in a freakin’ dessert…”) It  was crazy I’m tellin’ ya!


^Me posing with a statue iguana at the airport in Vegas! Very cute if you ask me ;P


^Guess what we see right at the airport…. =.= for the record and my female readers. NEVER I repeat NEVER trust a man who gambles… or marry him for that matter! If they’re addicted it’s like a recipe for disaster and either way it’s terrible for trying to finance a family. Boyfriend told me to try a dollar or a penny in the slots, but I’m still underage T_T




^The car we used during this week. I’m not exactly sure which car it is, so I’ll leave it to you car experts to figure it out!! It was quite spacious and I liked this car a lot ^^ Maybe boyfriend will consider getting this car HAHA ! Joking, I think it’s quite expensive to buy T_T


^…of course America would. Bacon in everything, if you ask me I think that is DISGUSTING. Who in the right mind would eat SUCH A MONSTROSITY????


^Look who we came across! The Mario brothers in Vegas! who would have guessed???


Some pics from the Vdara suites! Very beautiful and I was super impressed! They also had very good wifi so I could skype my baby muffin with clear quality! #highqualityhotelperks


^The kitchen, where we ate. Erm… a nice kitchen? you can’t see in this picture but to the right of the fridge, there is actually a WASHING and drying machine! In a room! How many places have that I ask you? Not many! Horray for vegas having nice places to stay!!


^Our “living room” where some of us slept on the pullout couch bed hehehe 🙂


^Bedroom! That bed is actually VERY comfy! Squishy and nice… but to be honest I myself prefer sleeping on hard floors (like I mean futon-type things) hehehehe….


^The beautiful bathroom! Every night I took a bath in the bathtub, while texting/kiking people! Very relaxing and I can understand why people in Japan do this often ^^


^Hitting the swimming pool!


^Let me tell you… people in Vegas are crazy! Getting tanned and shit while swimming… THIS IS HOW MY SISTER AND I DO! Hot tub therapy without the crazy sunburns!!


^Beautiful chocolate statue of a woman inside the neighboring hotel…. err I don’t quite remember the name of it :S Imagine devouring that all! #fatlife


^The beautiful chocolate fountain!! Who that random lady is, I’ll never know. All I know is, she decided to sneak into my shot… #RUDE


^A beautiful garden within one of the hotels! Almost a utopia-type feeling! What, with the merry-go-round and the sphere and giant bees in the air? (fake, of course)


^Visited the red rock canyon! Quite the drive… It was nice, I mean… rocks and all. Majestic… (not sure of sarcastic or not myself… #youngpeopleproblems)


^Me pretending to gamble. I don’t even know how okay -.-


^I won a domo from the UFO catcher game!! On my first try too!! Cute pink domo yess!! Very happy with myself that day ^^ kekeke


^Welcome to the famous Las Vegas!! 🙂


^Snapped a quick pic of the pink Cadillac + fake Elvis at the sign’s parking lot to show my boyfriend because he likes Cadillacs I think! Or so I thought, when I showed him all I got was a “lol”… T_T


^The light show in… I’m not sure where. I think you guys hate me because I just don’t pay enough attention to what my Dad tells me when we go places… BUT it was a beautiful light show along with the song that goes “byee byee miss american pie” I forgot what the song’s called too, sorry I’m not old enough 😦


We then ventured to Phoenix, and my Dad’s friend Alfred (THE cutest middle aged man in the WORLD) took us around to see the Grand Canyons and whatnot! While in Phoenix, we stayed at the Walking Stick… or maybe the Talking stick resort. I’m not sure which one it was, but it had acceptable wifi access, so it was good! And they had nice smelling soaps and shampoos #plus


^We visited Hoover Dam!! Apparently it is one of the largest Dams ever and was like… instructed or something to be build by Herbert Hoover! o: #anniethemusicalreference


^One of Alfred’s many cats! I loved visiting his house because there are so many cats!! I love cats!!


^Grand Canyons!! Not going to lie though, I was SO SCARED… I mean it was definitely majestic and beautiful, but I just COULD NOT take much of it, I was too scared!!



^Beautiful garden #2!! Can you believe how pretty it is, and how it’s maintained in the 40+ degrees dry climate?!?!


After Phoenix, we returned to Vegas to spend our last night. My father booked a night at the Palazzo! It was so grand I can not even describe how good it felt to stay there… even though I ended up being the one to sleep on the floor….I took some pictures but my pictures did the hotel NO justice whatsoever as you can see from the below photo:


For a better idea on how  it was, check out the actual site: HERE


I believe if you go on other “Auction” type sites, you can get these rooms for about 100 or a bit more! That’s what my Daddy did 🙂

Then we were off to Japan!



^Matching outfits with my two sisters! We were identical going on the flight (except for our shoes…) hehehe.



^Last kik message exchange between boyfriend and I before I left for LA connecting flight to Narita (Tokyo Airport).


Anddd that was it for Vegas!! 😀 hehehe Quite an adventure we had!

For food pictures, visit my instagram! HERE or search me up, my ID is nyankohimes2 !


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(From left to right: Mommy Ng, Me, Daddy Ng)


The rest of my Japan trip in a nutshell…

3 Nov

As you probably have noticed, I’ve been pretty busy lately so no time to update 😦

My Japan posts are horribly overdue, and I’ve realized I will never finish all of them if I do them separately. Thus, here I am finished my homework deciding to blog in what seems like forever.

This will be the final Japan post for this year (about my trip there) and I will try to wrap it up nicely 🙂 Again, this is a picture-based blogpost since it’s about my trip… 🙂 Enjoyy!

^Welcome to Miyajima my friends 🙂 We got here by a boatride ^^

^OMGG! cute right?!?! Okay so there are like freewalking deer on this island…JUST SAYIN’ You can’t say that isn’t the cutest coolest thing ever!! okay lah…my mom sucked at taking this pic -.- I might have a better one but I can’t be botehred to find it…sorry LOL I might after…

^Okay, I know I look like horrible, BUT YOU WOULD TOO IF YOU WERE WALKING AROUND THIS ISLAND IN BURNING HOT WEATHER!! Oh, and this is me, smiling alongside that statue thingy. I believe it’s some kind of guard. There were some cute guys there too, but they ignored my sweaty gross self…so I pshhed at them. NOBODY IGNORES MY EXISTENCE.  #ohthevanity

^This is the famous thing. I’m so sorry I am an ignorant blogger… but like this 門 basically….when the water rises it gets like ….like it stands. OMG LOL I’m so bad at explanations…but like there’s people walking over in the muddyness. I refused ’cause  I didn’t wanna get my shoes dirty LOL…

^…..ok trust me. this horse thing is SCARY. like MADDD creeps!!

^Me, sipping the holy water. I wish all the water of holynesses were cool and refreshing. I went to at least 10 of these things, some of them the water was like…warm and gross 😦 No offense holy spirits in the water that cleansed me several times this trip 🙂 I appreciate the cleansing.


^Try and tell me you aren’t jelly!…This hotel room was amazing! Right near the Osaka Universal Studios too! (We didn’t bother to actually go in since we’ve been to the one in LA lol)

^Look at us. Lookin’ like some moviestars. I just realized how grossly long my hair was… ewww….

^Me, picking out a present in the takoyaki section for my boyfriend. Who doesn’t exist by the way… #foreveralone

^Check out the densha… SICK ISN’T IT?? Okay Japanese transportation decoration is like top-class, next level stuff!

^It started to rain while we were walking the streets of some major street in Osaka. I wish some cute Osaka guy would have lent me his umbrella, but of course no such thing happened; I almost give up in my dream of being picked up by some cute Japanese guy randomly.

^Took a pic with the Glico! 🙂 グリコ~ It’s famous in Osaka apparently says my Mommy!

^Beautiful rainbow 🙂 Everybody took pics!  After the rain, there is always something wonderful ❤

^This is me and my mom and sisters at the conpeito factory!  🙂 We were learning how to make 金平糖 and カルメ焼き!

^See, you have to kind of mix in the flavour and colour! 🙂

^that is a カルメ焼き(Karume-Yaki) It’s basically a sugary sweet 🙂

^Those are the nice people who taught us how to make these sweets! They are the sweetest people ever ❤ 🙂 …My thighs are also massive… 😦


^Our hotel! Very Japanese style! I love it ❤ 🙂 I actually love futons! To be honest, at home (in Canada) I have a bed but I prefer sleeping on my floor instead! haha

^Look at me~ making cups and bowls for my grandparents and parents~ 😀 Please ignore the no-makeup face -.-

^The amazing people who did the pottery stuff with us 🙂

In Kyoto, we also got to experience being Maiko-sans! I will post this under my shared blog with Merigon, considering it is a beauty/make-up related subject ^^ I will post the link for it here if you want. In case you would like to see what a Maiko looks like, here is the end result of my Maiko transformation! :

^I hope the above pic temps you to click the link to the process of how I got there 🙂

Link: http://merigonxnyanko.blogspot.com/2011/11/maiko-make-up.html

^We just so happened to be in Kyoto for the famous Gion Matsuri (Festival)! 🙂 Very nice, and my sister and I spent the time checking out cute Kyoto guys in Yukata. (omg..I hope you all don’t think I’m like some man obsessed freak :()

^That looks so damn delicious. But we were too poor to enter the beautiful tasty looking store… FOL

^This is my 2 sisters and I at the Shrine place 🙂 It was really hot… 😦

^There was the most epic water cleansing place there! It was huge and beautiful! That’s me getting my water 🙂 I felt very clean ❤

^The beautiful garden we visited ❤ 🙂

^This is the creaking house. When it creaks, you know someone’s there (it was a form of security back in the day)

And…that’s about it for my Hiroshima, Miyajima, Osaka and Kyoto Adventure! Hope you enjoyed ^^

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Hakone Onsen Love! <3 Pic Heavy!

8 Jul

So for the past 2 days ish I’ve been in Hakone 🙂 its cooler up there than Tokyo and there are hot springs there! I went with my grandma, grandpa, sisters and mom. This year we were able to go into the Yunessan pool onsens ^^ Super fun! 🙂

Here is a link to the hotel we stayed at: http://www.hakoneho-kowakien.com/english/

and a link to the Yunessan pools which are right beside the Kowakien hotel: http://www.yunessun.com/english/

I recommend taking the package that offers a stay at the Kowakien hotel and free passes to the Yunessan pools if you plan to stay in Hakone. Most people stay at Hakone in order to enjoy the hot springs (onsens) and for the mountainous view. The package we took was basically a taste of both worlds. Back at the hotel it’s a calming hotspring experience, but when we went to Yunessan’s, it was a fun, playful experience! 🙂 The service at Kowakien is super amazing. They literally cater to your needs like their lives depend on it! I super recommend it. My family’s been going to Kowakien hotel since my mother was a kid!

So…we were off on our adventure! We took the Chiibus to Shinagawa station and from there made our way to Odawara. From there we took a bus all the way up to the hotel ^^ At Odawara station I had a melon bread from this bakery. mad tasty!

Heres some more pics of Odawara station. It is also worthy to note that I saw much swagier guys here then where I live (Tokyo, Takanawa). I was wtfing! Unfortunately I didn’t have it in me to take a pic with any of these swaggy boys.

^It is also worthy to note that I am ugly on this trip wtf. Yes, its true. I just left my face virtually makeupless and bare this entire trip! I have my reasons:

1) I felt no need to, since we would be in the baths and pools I didn’t wanna come out looking like a ridiculous panda! I think it ridiculous to bath with makeup T_T

2) Too troublesome! Way too troublesome! (Kat’s a lazyass LOL)

So then we got to the hotel. I took a few pics of the room! 🙂

^I don’t know why, but I love Japanese hotel beds. It’s somehow different. arrrr.
^the bathrooms are small but very clean and nice ^^

We then went to the Yunessan pools 🙂 Here are some pics of this awesome place! :

^that my friends is the fish doctor. ok, thats what the station was called ok? It’s like these little fishies that eat the dead skin off your feet! My feet suffer from too-much-heel-wearing …..so then I had alot of fish come to my feet wtf. I felt so dirty XD But its SO COOL! ….and not to mention the most ticklish thing I’ve ever experienced! If you know me, you know that I am mad ticklish. I was holding in my tickle the entire time. (y)

^an overview pic of one of the biggest pools (at the place). I played shark there with my sisters wtf. major leg workout please! Plus there was this hot mixed guy. Mexican maybe. Nice abs. *hotguy report wtf*

^Coffee pool! :)…smelled more like tea :S

^The waterfall pool! 🙂 feels good XD

^The wine pool. My absolute favourite! ❤

^The green tea pool! ^^ Very green!

^The sake bath 🙂 Lets not get drunk now~

^ The…pot bath thing XD

^The Goemon Bath pool ^^ This one was the hottest!

^ There is a regular pool there too ^^ we went for some exercise swimming 🙂

^ me and gramma 🙂 teehee.

After we got back from the Pools, here’s what happened to our bathing suits:

That night, we went to eat buffet ^^! Here’s what I wore that night:

Basically my rompers from forever21 and my grandmothers black lace cardigan XD mad love for the cardigan! I goes so well with my rompers, no?

Here’s what I ate that night (a jist. I ate more dw):

^Jelly yet? Look at the beautiful meat thing. ❤ so goooddd!

It’s also quite worth notint that it’s super beautiful there, so much green!:

I took a pic with the two owls! (The hotel’s trademark ^^)

Here’s a picture of the aftermath of my sister’s breakfast. Why am I showing you this? To show that my sister is a mad messy eater wtf:

^ see what I have to deal with? =.=

That day we also made wishes on the Tanabata. I would explain it…but I won’t. You can google it XD. Here’s a pic of the tree:

^Look at all them wishes. I read them, here are some funny ones I found:

「ビッグになりますように」(“I hope I become big”)

「イケメンになるますように」(“I hope I become a hot guy”, this one was funny cause after my mom read it, she was like “psh. its already too late for that” LOL poor guy)

What did I wish for?….Not telling 😉 if I do it might not come true! ><


That night we had a Washoku dinner. (Basically a Japanese style dinner). It was amazing. I will post all these pictures! I am just…it was amazing. So pretty too!

^appetizers. Sesame seed tofu, chicken and …..green leafy shrimp cuff things,
^soup things. had some weird squid noodle thing in it XD I actually liked it 🙂
^sashimi! 🙂 my favourite is the white Tai ^^
^Hamo no Yanagawa-Fuu Tamagotoji. We put the egg on at the end ourselves XD . love love love ❤ tasty shiz.
^Chawanmushi. It had this interesting potato thing in it XD good stuff.
^….the one thing I didn’t totally love. Some weird eggplant thing
^was ok. apperently its Kyoto-style 🙂 funny story, I actually found a hair in my rice. We told the waitress and the next thing we knew, we got some mango icecream as a condolence. So we got extra calories all thanks to me! 😀
^Mizudango with pineapple 🙂 maddddd tasty. TRUSTT!

Harharhar. I gained about a kg on this trip T___T I am sad. but…IT WAS SOO WORTH IT!

The next morning…we went out for a last walk around the hotel forest with everyone ^^ Heres some interesting pics I took:

^Something my grandpa found XD an insect on a mushroom LOL

^An ant carrying a caterpillar. LEGIT.  Why so strong and hard working little critter?

Starting tomorrow, I will be in Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima! Hopely I can blog 😉

Now a pretty pic. for redemption…for the ugly pics above:

ok. not prettiest pic. but wtf. deal