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Kat’s Prom 2012

29 Jun

Wow so me blogging has become way overdue! Things have been really hectic with me being a senior and all with graduation and final assignments/tests and whatnot 😡

Today I wanna just blog about my Prom experience, since Prom (to me, at least) was a pretty big thing. For my boyfriend it wasn’t really a big deal apparently -.- but to me it was pretty important! (I mean, it’s prom! Once in a lifetime prom!)

Okay wow. hmm. Where does this story even start? I was pretty stoked about Prom ever since my grade 11 year when my grade 12 friends went, and they took pictures and whatnot. I mean, what’s not to be excited about? Formal wear, dancing, pictures, princess-feeling… Of course, back in grade 11 I scoffed at the idea of having a date. I thought multiple times, “No… what if we break up and the prom pictures goes to waste?” and didn’t even speculate that I would be going to prom with a date; of course I was wrong. *Cue Mr. Leo*

So, after awhile of Mr. Leo and I dating, I found out he did not particularly have much interest in attending prom. I didn’t want to push him, but I wanted him to go with me. (I mean, we need prom pictures to show our children….) LOL After some small drama (which isn’t really worth mentioning), we decided to attend prom together.


Promposal (n) – the act of asking somebody to prom in an elaborate manner. A combination of the words prom and proposal.

I feel like, many girls dreams are to get the perfect promposal… am I wrong? ahaha. I honestly though, did not think my boyfriend was going to prompose… like, I felt almost as if it was just a given that we would go to prom together… so I didn’t quite expect it (although I can not deny I wanted it…)

Sooo it came as quite the surprise when my boo boo muffin decided to prompose to yours truly. He called me randomly one night as I was helping his cousin with her homework, telling me to look outside. What did I see?… let me show you, rather than try to explain what him and his friends did…

It was so pretty! I was so happy about this! It was so sweet, and he also gave me a bunch of flowers… which him and his friends apparently obtained in an *cough* interesting manner XD hmm… too bad I didn’t take a nice picture of them… they’re still on my desk but they’re dry flowered.

Any-who, so time passed and finally, prom tickets were being sold. 85$ for “early bird” tickets, and after that the tickets were 90$. (I know, I thought they were mad expensive too!…) Mr. Leo and I contemplated just using the prom money to have our own formal night, but in the end we decided (well, I…) decided to stick with going to Prom… I mean we could always go to formal nights any other time, but Prom? Prom is only once! And… I need those prom pics ahaha. So we decided to attend prom. We rented a limo with like, 18 others.

Our prom was held at Arcadian Court, in downtown Toronto. Er… the theme? Midnight something? I don’t quite remember #guilty

Enough with the talk. PICTURES!

^Me and my very handsome boyfriend, Mr. Muffin.

^Take 2

^Inside, the tables we sat at from a floor higher.

^A group shot we took for prom pics!

^ Boutonniere and Corsage 🙂 Mr. Muffin got them so pretty! They are not dry flowers sitting on his desk at his house… unless he threw them out :S He better not have!

^A dolly-like picture of me ! Taken courtesy of Mr. Leo.

^A very characteristic photo of my Lion baby.

^Look at all those people! And guys, this is not even half of the attendees…

^What a romantic candle right? 😛

^Our table for the night. We had a hard time determining which pieces of cutlery belonged to who… I need to brush up on my table manner knowledge.

Now let us move onto the meal of the night shall we?

^The meal listing for that night

^The bread with butter. Everyone thought the bread was too chewy/hard, but I kind of liked it, if it weren’t for my annoyingly pained jaw…

^Meal #1, the salad piece. I personally liked it, especially the crispy things. Quite a delightful salad, and I liked devouring it like the hungry monster I was.

^Dish #2! Chicken thing… okay. The chicken bit was delicious, the meat was tender and nice, but I didn’t really like the items beneath it. Mashed potato.. gravy and whatnot? It was a bit too Swiss chalet for my liking. The herbs on the chicken  were phenomenal though!

^Me with the food! #bloggerthings

^The dessert piece, which I was extremely disappointed about. I mean it was just a cupcake! Something I could probably find in my super market!!….

^Nonetheless, I decided to promptly camwhore with the top cherry piece of the sorry excuse for a prom dessert.

^The delightful drink we were able to obtain at the drink bar 🙂



^Just a bit of blog PDA no biggie right? ;P

^When the dance music came on and people started hitting the dance floor, we decided to sit for a bit and camwhore in the lighting. Made us blurry! Probably because of the dark 😡

^Me, taking a reflection picture from the top of the limo 😡 I was so tired!!

^The only close-up you’re going to get of  my eyes 😛

Last picture for this post! It’s actually a picture my friend took for me of my Muffin and I slow-dancing. The song was “I don’t wanna miss a thing” by Aerosmith! I love this song!! Anywho, this next picture is one of my favourite!

Well, the original was just the picture, but I edited it a bit 😛 Just some filters and lighting adjustments, that’s about it ^^

After prom is a whole different story for another time 😉 hehe. You can probably guess what went down though.

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Some online window shopping! Maid costumes ahead~

18 Nov

So…if you aren’t interested in pretty clothes or me, feel free to close the tab because you will be extremely bored with this post LOL.

So, basically, I’ve decided that instead of being sensible and finishing some homework this Friday night, I would do some online window shopping. One day my dears, I will have enough money to afford all these wonderful luxuries (all before I hit 25 of course) and be very happy. Until then, I will oogle at these beautiful pieces of glory through the screen of my laptop. :’)

I’ve included all the links for those who wish to purchase these things for themselves :). Hey, just ’cause I can’t get them doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! #imsonice LOOL

#1 Liz Lisa’s Floral Poncho!


Obviously that isn’t me -.- but yeah I took it off their site 🙂 IS THIS NOT THE CUTEST PONCHO EVER?? This on the Liz Lisa site is 12,390 Yen (about 130 bucks Canadian dollar). I’m sorry if I sound cheap, but I can not afford that :(. And so, being me, I tried to look online for a rep of this. I actually found one very similar on http://www.minimaos.com/ which looked like this:

Quite similar right? This one was at about $50 USD, and I was actually about to purchase it. Then I realized, this is an asian site, and so the shipping rates must be super high for Canada 😦 I then checked; Canada isn’t even on the list (you have to request it) and shipping to the US is like $28USD…. So I therefore conclude, if I was to get a rep for like…$80(50+shipping) I might as well get the real thing. Which of course I can’t. And so I’ve decided I’ll just move on.


Leopard Print Tube Dress. Mmmm.


Okay, so I  actually saw this like…2 years ago I think on this site, and always wanted it but never felt I could pull this off :x. Now I want ittttt! It’s like $5 USD, but with shipping its a bit more. (They inflate their shipping A LOT to compensate for their low prices).  I’m thinking of maybe getting it…but then again, when would I ever wear it? When I go bar hopping in Tokyo next summer? LOL


Knitted Cream Colored Poncho!


Okay, so after my obsession with the floral poncho, I decided to creep wholesale7 for a poncho in general. I didn’t get any “poncho” results, but did find this, very cute top! I love it in the cream color but apparently it comes in pink and black as well. This looks perfectly warm for the cold winters, so I’m actually considering buying this. I mean, I can actually afford this one too LOL. It’s about $9USD + shipping (which would probably be about $10 extra). The only thing is, I really have no idea how the quality is… orz


Pretty Dresses o:


Okay. Again, I probably won’t get either because of the “quality” issue, but then again I might, just to camwhore with it. I fell in love with these dresses on the site, and just couldn’t decide: pink or black? Pink might look more innocent and kawaii, whereas black might give me that air of mystique and sexyness I lack. Hmmmm…. *ponders*. Both are like $9 USD (+ shipping, about an extra $10?). Should I get one? Which one? mroww.

Okay. That’s about it for now. Not about to get greedy. I actually only want the ponchos right now. And the dress. Okay whatever, I’ll get those and continue saving money 🙂 I wanna shop till I drop when I’m in Japan next summer! Also, maybe if we go to HK or Malaysia, I can shop there tooooo! 😀 Very excited (^_^)’

To end off, I would just like to show you guys my maid costume mrow :3

That was for Halloween my dearies. I don’t wear this on a regular basis unless someday I have a maid fetish husband. LOL

Thanks for reading! 🙂 I love you guysss!

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Thanks again for reading!