Frump-Kute le Rina

28 Jan

Soooooooooo….I’ve recently become quite into オバカワ…(Oba-kawa) fashion. I guess you could say it’s a trend? Granny-cute, frump-cute whatever 🙂 I think it’s adooooorable!

So, one of my friends sold/gave me her oxford style shoes (I was VERY mad excite!!) and I tried them out today!! (With the clothes and thigh high socks like I want to wear them) I was sooo happy! I’ve been looking for oxford-style shoes with heels for awhile now, and it’s interesting because I see them everywhere in flat styles, but not heeled. When I finally got my hands on a pair, I nearly collapsed in happiness juice.

^Please ignore my cankles… T_T I’ve finally started working out again, so they should be gone in awhile…. teehee.

I was really contemplating what outfits would go well with these shoes. I know scholar-style and frump-kute style would probably look great with such cute shoes… so I tried putting together what I had in my closet and seeing what fit! 🙂 I actually came across a lotta outfits, but only decided to take a pic of one.


WARNING: Please excuse the very amateurishness of my photos. I took them myself with self-timer and…it was my first time LOL. Next time I’m getting Mr. Leo to help me take them!! I swear he will become an expert photographer LOOL  

^….ignore face please and thighs LOOL. Okay, I know you prob think this is a very plain outfit 😛 But I thought it was cute. Why? Let me list the factors:

1) The top is a cute oversized knit-style sweater that my grandfather in Japan bought me ❤ 🙂

2) I’m wearing thigh high socks. What’s not cute about that please?

3) The shoes are cute okay.

4) Bare legs even though it’s winter?? Plus some cute points and hard-working points there 🙂 (yeah I know I don’t actually show my bare legs in the winter 😦 Canadian winters are TOOOO cold! Can’t be that vain)

And so, the kamhoing began! mrow.

^Am I mysterious or what??

^Actually I’m a happy happy little chicka.

^Actually, I have back problems 🙂 teehee

^Well lookie here, we got ourselves a bipolar. I put my hands up in the air sometimesssss.



^…..I’m obviously a spy.

^Actually nope. I’m just a happy Kat :3 Look at that smile on my face guys LOOOL What am I so happy about you ask? I don’t actually know.

Sooo here’s some face shots, because I love kamhoing with my itouch LOL It’s a renowned hobby of mine :3

^I look psyched out. Kind of. Or….no I just have this creepy dolly look on my face I think MROW

^Oh well Rina, that’s a little better! Seems a bit more chipper :3

^well hi there, Sir chinks-a-lot. Tell me, what time do those eyes of yours open? Oh…never? #sadtimes


Let’s add some random accessories to the outfit! Start of with fake glasses!! I don’t care if you think it’s lame that they don’t have lenses. Lol please don’t be jealous ’cause you can’t pull them off like I can 😛 mrow.

^Do I look like a shy scholar-girl? 🙂

^I’m a little bit of a trouble maker~ 🙂 mrow

^Here’s a normal smile 🙂 I find that red lipstick and these glasses go quite well together. What do you think? ^^


Next lets try a hat… a white hat! 🙂

^I don’t really like this hat actually 😦 It’s too short and slips off my head and makes my head static-y! Not so nice, especially since I suffer from enough static from the knitted sweater….

And lastly… LETS ADD A SCARF! 😀

^….is it just me or do I look like I have a batwing LOOOL FML! Thighs… Y U NO LOOK SKINNIER FROM THE SIDE ??? 😦

That’s it for today guys! It’s actually exam week and I took the time to do this…’cause I was bored LOL.

Gonna study with the boo tomo and Sunday though! So he better be prepared! haha 🙂

^My failed attempt at winking ;)…. #closeenoughguy.jpg

Please comment and follow my blog! 🙂 Every view and comment means a lot to me and I reply all my comments! ^_^ Thanks for visiting my blog! See you next time ❤



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