Happy Lunar New Year! :)

25 Jan

I’m a little late with this but Happy CNY! 🙂

So… yes I know you might be thinking. “WHAT YOU’RE CHINESE? I THOUGHT YOU WERE JAPANESE WTF” and yes, yes I am. Both LOL Unless I’ve made that clear in a previous post, in which I do not remember.

Soo for Chinese New Year, I went out to eat with the family (extended fam) and saw my cousins who I haven’t see in quite awhile 🙂

^Le me, at the restaurant, kamhoing XD

^Le great grandmother and uncle, reaching for leftovers to stack into the doggie bags LOL

^Le aunt and Le cousin 🙂 Cousin’s like “yes, I am very amused by this interesting conversation ._.”

^2 cousins, both of whom are extremely amused :)….

^My smiling father 🙂 and my anti-social sister -.-

^My cute baby cousin <333 OCEAN!!!!

^Me on in the carride home that night 🙂 Yeah, always a time and place to kamho right? ;D

Yeahyeah, I know not too exciting post today XD…

The day after CNY, Petite Bonbon (what I will refer to her as for now) gave me a ….CHOCOLATE EGG!! YAAHHHHH!

^First time having a chocolate egg EVER!! so you can IMAGINE how delicious it was!!! Very very sweet and creamy and fat-filled excitement XD

^Us 🙂 ❤ Much love here. I think this was a cute shot ^__^

Anddd lastly Mr. Leo things 🙂

Last night we stayed up together finishing some last minute homework!! We both worked mad hard and I was very happy ❤

^My current ipod wallpaper 🙂 I think we’re cute. What do you think?

^My attempt at winking… NOT SO BAD RIGHT??? 😀


Yeah. I want YOU to follow and comment on my blog ❤ 🙂 I appreciate every single comment and view! Thanks for reading!


Hope you’ve had a wonderful lunar new year!





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