I feel like making my readers HUNGRY

24 Nov

Hi guys 🙂

So I was looking through my camera pics, and realized something:

I didn’t really post that many Japan Food pictures. NOW THAT’S A SHAME. And so I decided to dedicate an entire post to the food I had in Japan, because it’s just so damn amazing.

Like, no word of lie when I get back from Japan I lose some weight because I stop eating. Why? It takes me awhile to get used to the food here again (even the convenience store food is 100x better than the food here, no offense).

So let the food picture rampage begin! 😀

^That is the beautiful Gindako Takoyaki. I miss it 😦 It’s do damn amazing. (Octopus Balls. Like, there are pieces of octopus in these balls of like… batter. It’s delicious okay)

^This is obviously an inferior hamburger to the one from Meat Yazawa (read more about it here, it will make you drool I promise) https://chocolatenyanko.wordpress.com/2011/07/21/meat-yazawa-is-delicious/  However, it was delicious nonetheless and a fraction of the price. I can’t quite remember where, but I know it is a small store in Shinjuku and basically it was 5 bucks (which is super cheap for a lunch in tokyo). It came with this cheese/sauce covered hamburger, bean sprouts and rice 🙂 Tasty.

^Yes ladies and gentleman, that is indeed a watermelon. Shaped in a triangular form. LOL I love it too, I just had to snap a shot.

^You may be asking yourself dear reader, “what the hell is in her mouth?” well, that my friends is called a tamago ice cream. (egg ice cream, but only ’cause it’s shaped like an egg). However, my mother just calls it a boob ice cream LOL because you have to suck it like… okay nevermind lets move on.

^Cutest bear ever from Mister Donuts 🙂 It’s so amazingly delicious too.. man I really want to move to Japan again.

^Oh….uhm…awkward. This is food my sister and I put together when we stayed over at my grandfather’s house LOL. Okay sorry if that killed your appetite FOL we tried our best :’)

^This is from a restaurant inside Shinagawa Prince Hotel 🙂 I actually love this place to bits because it’s just so amazing and the meat is so delicious it melts in your mouth. And plus you get as much refill of cabbage as you want (perfect for me, the human rabbit).

^Gyoza! 🙂 I actually love this. My grandmother took us to this random place she found in Togoshi Ginza where she does her cheapass grocery shopping. My grandmother is a… G 🙂  No. Like…actually (._.) Nobody wants to mess with her. Actually. LOL Anyway, the Gyoza is amazing, cheap and just tastes like heaven.

^Okay guys, TRY AND TELL ME this isn’t cute. TRY. This is why I want to move to Japan, the land of cutest things. Okay so anyway, the Japanese call “Baskin Robins” “Thirty one”. Actually. And their flavours are…. *superior* in ways I can’t explain (.___.) nghhhhhhh. * frustration at own country max*

I can’t remember what this was called. I think Sparkling champagne or Popping something. It basically pops in your mouth and makes you have like a mouth orgasm or something 😛

^You may be wondering little pumpkins, what is this? Let me tell you. It is the creation of some beautiful party in your mouth with classy aftertaste that my grandfather bought for us in the hotel bakery where we always meet him. My grandfather, I will have you know has the most refined taste buds a man can have. Me on the other hand… I love convenience store cream puffs just the same. FML I need to be more high maintenance don’t I? Men love expensive high maintenance chicks -.-

^DAMN RIGHT I DRINK BEER LIKE A HARDCORE OLD JAPANESE SALARY MAN #YEYE ignore the fact please, that it is non-alcoholic beer, and it wasn’t even mine, it was my grandfathers. 

^that my friends is Katsudon. Need I explain? It’s delicious.

^Uhm….to be honest I can’t remember quite what this was. I ordered it though, and it was the healthiest option and it tasted good.

^Some clam rice thing. It was okay.

^This tastes amazing 🙂 Green tea ice cream with mochi and anko beneath it!

^Ahhhh aren’t you envious?

^I’m even jealous. Let me go to Japan. Now. Everytime I look through my Japan pictures it makes me want to go back even more ;___; Somebody take me right nowwww!


Thanks for reading! 🙂 I love all comments! And I want YOU to follow my blog 🙂

-Kat ❤


3 Responses to “I feel like making my readers HUNGRY”

  1. sean November 26, 2011 at 11:22 AM #

    my favourite place for takoyaki is here…
    http://www.manpuku.ca/ ^_^

  2. sweetopiagirl November 26, 2011 at 6:01 PM #

    Reblogged this on inspiredweightloss.

  3. Clair Aschoff December 23, 2011 at 3:23 AM #

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