The rest of my Japan trip in a nutshell…

3 Nov

As you probably have noticed, I’ve been pretty busy lately so no time to update 😦

My Japan posts are horribly overdue, and I’ve realized I will never finish all of them if I do them separately. Thus, here I am finished my homework deciding to blog in what seems like forever.

This will be the final Japan post for this year (about my trip there) and I will try to wrap it up nicely 🙂 Again, this is a picture-based blogpost since it’s about my trip… 🙂 Enjoyy!

^Welcome to Miyajima my friends 🙂 We got here by a boatride ^^

^OMGG! cute right?!?! Okay so there are like freewalking deer on this island…JUST SAYIN’ You can’t say that isn’t the cutest coolest thing ever!! okay lah…my mom sucked at taking this pic -.- I might have a better one but I can’t be botehred to find it…sorry LOL I might after…

^Okay, I know I look like horrible, BUT YOU WOULD TOO IF YOU WERE WALKING AROUND THIS ISLAND IN BURNING HOT WEATHER!! Oh, and this is me, smiling alongside that statue thingy. I believe it’s some kind of guard. There were some cute guys there too, but they ignored my sweaty gross self…so I pshhed at them. NOBODY IGNORES MY EXISTENCE.  #ohthevanity

^This is the famous thing. I’m so sorry I am an ignorant blogger… but like this 門 basically….when the water rises it gets like ….like it stands. OMG LOL I’m so bad at explanations…but like there’s people walking over in the muddyness. I refused ’cause  I didn’t wanna get my shoes dirty LOL…

^…..ok trust me. this horse thing is SCARY. like MADDD creeps!!

^Me, sipping the holy water. I wish all the water of holynesses were cool and refreshing. I went to at least 10 of these things, some of them the water was like…warm and gross 😦 No offense holy spirits in the water that cleansed me several times this trip 🙂 I appreciate the cleansing.


^Try and tell me you aren’t jelly!…This hotel room was amazing! Right near the Osaka Universal Studios too! (We didn’t bother to actually go in since we’ve been to the one in LA lol)

^Look at us. Lookin’ like some moviestars. I just realized how grossly long my hair was… ewww….

^Me, picking out a present in the takoyaki section for my boyfriend. Who doesn’t exist by the way… #foreveralone

^Check out the densha… SICK ISN’T IT?? Okay Japanese transportation decoration is like top-class, next level stuff!

^It started to rain while we were walking the streets of some major street in Osaka. I wish some cute Osaka guy would have lent me his umbrella, but of course no such thing happened; I almost give up in my dream of being picked up by some cute Japanese guy randomly.

^Took a pic with the Glico! 🙂 グリコ~ It’s famous in Osaka apparently says my Mommy!

^Beautiful rainbow 🙂 Everybody took pics!  After the rain, there is always something wonderful ❤

^This is me and my mom and sisters at the conpeito factory!  🙂 We were learning how to make 金平糖 and カルメ焼き!

^See, you have to kind of mix in the flavour and colour! 🙂

^that is a カルメ焼き(Karume-Yaki) It’s basically a sugary sweet 🙂

^Those are the nice people who taught us how to make these sweets! They are the sweetest people ever ❤ 🙂 …My thighs are also massive… 😦


^Our hotel! Very Japanese style! I love it ❤ 🙂 I actually love futons! To be honest, at home (in Canada) I have a bed but I prefer sleeping on my floor instead! haha

^Look at me~ making cups and bowls for my grandparents and parents~ 😀 Please ignore the no-makeup face -.-

^The amazing people who did the pottery stuff with us 🙂

In Kyoto, we also got to experience being Maiko-sans! I will post this under my shared blog with Merigon, considering it is a beauty/make-up related subject ^^ I will post the link for it here if you want. In case you would like to see what a Maiko looks like, here is the end result of my Maiko transformation! :

^I hope the above pic temps you to click the link to the process of how I got there 🙂


^We just so happened to be in Kyoto for the famous Gion Matsuri (Festival)! 🙂 Very nice, and my sister and I spent the time checking out cute Kyoto guys in Yukata. (omg..I hope you all don’t think I’m like some man obsessed freak :()

^That looks so damn delicious. But we were too poor to enter the beautiful tasty looking store… FOL

^This is my 2 sisters and I at the Shrine place 🙂 It was really hot… 😦

^There was the most epic water cleansing place there! It was huge and beautiful! That’s me getting my water 🙂 I felt very clean ❤

^The beautiful garden we visited ❤ 🙂

^This is the creaking house. When it creaks, you know someone’s there (it was a form of security back in the day)

And…that’s about it for my Hiroshima, Miyajima, Osaka and Kyoto Adventure! Hope you enjoyed ^^

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And comment please ^^ I love each and every comment ❤ 🙂



5 Responses to “The rest of my Japan trip in a nutshell…”

  1. sean November 3, 2011 at 2:16 AM #

    hey i made caramel at home once…
    i still have the candy thermometer!
    did u know i sleep on tatami now too!
    did you try real okonomiyaki [大阪燒]?

    • NyankoHime November 4, 2011 at 5:48 PM #

      really? how did it go? did it taste good? 😀 I made caramel at home with my mommy once too, but after seeing how much butter and sugar was used, it turned me off from eating as much afterwards LOL
      Tatami’s are so comfy right?? 😀 luckky!
      yeahh I had osaka’s okonomiyaki too^^

  2. Bobby Judo (@BobbyJudo) November 13, 2011 at 8:48 AM #

    Dude, I have the exact same picture of that horse!
    Except instead of you it’s me.
    And instead of the horse, it’s my high school Social Studies teacher.

  3. Bobby Judo (@BobbyJudo) November 13, 2011 at 8:48 AM #

    Just kidding.
    It’s me and that horse.

    • NyankoHime November 13, 2011 at 8:50 AM #

      LOL I had to read it twice to get it. But I was like laughing both times. You’re tooooo jokes; thanks for making me day XD and thanks for the comment! 😀

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