Hiroshima adventures

29 Aug

ok! So a very late post, but I promise you, only 2 people will bother reading it anyway. Why am I posting then you ask? Because. those two people mean the blogworld to me. awhhhhh. I’m so sweet 😀 (LOLJK)

ok. So, lets start off with some Hiroshima adventures 😀 Keep in mind my Japan posts (or any travel related posts I will ever make) will be VERY photo oriented!

^Oh look the train(idk how to say in english ok! so just say train) that’s gonna take us to Osaka (from Osaka we went to Hiroshima ok) is arriving! Let’s get in! 😀 I bet you’re damn excited. XD

^As you can see, I am very excited to get onto the train. I am also holding a frumpy bag, but that is besides the point.

^Yeah. that’s me and my sisters. Sitting in the beautiful ride. Yes, I’m the one sitting alone with the fat thighs. Shutup LOL #foreveralone

^Thats in Hiroshima! According to my mom, Hiroshima is known for their “oldstyle” rail..train thingys! I think that is the coolest thing! I mean look at that…level of intense cultural preservation. wtf.

^Us sitting in that beautiful oldfashioned trainamabob! 😀 Don’t we look happy?

^Look, my sister and I are oredi party animals … #lame

ok! I have like this super scary story that comes with this hotel room. It was soo nice and the window had a beautiful view and we were all like, “YEAH! WE SCORED US A NAISE ROOM YEAHH!” BUT THEN…. we saw blood. Literally, there was a puddle of dried up blood in the bathroom. And then a bloodtrain (dried up mind you) that led from the bathroom to the vanity mirror in the small room infront of the bathroom. Didn’t take a pic was too scared, but we all had a hard time sleeping that night because we were so scared D:

^That’s us, standing infront of the Hiroshima Genbaku Museum, oh, #nbd. On a sidenote, are my thighs actually that fat? :/ I’m very unhappy about that.

^the time when the atomic bomb hit hiroshima 😦

^Ok, so there were these legit tadpoles! no minnows or anything soft like that ok! Frog babies! swimming in there, and we were all like staring down there for a good 10 minutes.

^This is an important statue thing. No, I’m sorry I no remember the name…but we prayed there. Seriously, everywhere we went I was the one who prayed the longest !

^Heading towards the Genbaku Dome. Yeah, you can see it in the background. If I was a halfassed enough blogger I would photoshop my face skinnier, but I can’t be damned since you all probably already know how big it is LOL

^My mom took that shot. She thinks shes all artsy fartsy now…

^If you are ever in Hiroshima… GO HERE. It’s a beautiful place called “Okonomi Mura” and basically the entire building thing is a bunch of Okonomiyaki places! Hiroshima style!^^ Very tasty! I want to go there again, for sure!

^Yeah. Don’t tell me you won’t go there after you see this beautiful food pic! Seriously, I have tons more but that would be super repetitive and I’d lose the 2 blog followers I have. LOL


thats about it for Hiroshima 😀 Upcoming I have a Miyakojima post, Osaka post, Kyoto post (ohboy), and like a random food post. XD I’m obviously a #nolife but thats ok 😀

Oh. and as a redemption of the ugly travel pics I have. I will sign out with this:

I want YOU to follow my blog 😀 thankyouu ❤ Mad love if you do *hugs*

PS: I love each and every single comment (unless spam or hate). So please comment away! 😀



4 Responses to “Hiroshima adventures”

  1. Inkscraps August 30, 2011 at 8:33 PM #

    LOLL! I’m following 😉
    It’s good to see more pictures of your trip! 🙂

    • NyankoHime September 3, 2011 at 5:05 PM #

      yay 😀 ❤ im following u too. (as much as wordpress lets me) im thinking of switching over to blogspot tho idkk

  2. sean October 1, 2011 at 10:00 PM #

    i made a new world out of an old globe
    and i used the genbaku dome as the south pole
    it was cool coz antarctica became a huge
    chain of paradise-like tropical islands ^_^

    • NyankoHime November 2, 2011 at 9:20 PM #

      thats pretty cool! would love to see it o:

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