Can I has a prettier Layout??

27 Aug


So, I know I said I would blog about Japan and everything but I just feel absolutely no motivation to.

So for the past few weeks I’ve pondered, looking for a possible explanation to this lack of motivation, if you will.

I realized it’s because wordpress blogs are physically unattractive. #nooffense

It’s true! Take a look at all the beautiful blogspot blogs and ameba blogs with their pretty little backgrounds and layouts and themes! And then take a look at my wordpress blog. Wait, let me show you…

my pretty japanese ameba blog is very pretty. And it was FREE. The prettiest wordpress theme I’ve seen is 75 bucks. Yeah, I could get an epilator for that kind of money thanks very much D:

And yes, I’ve also contemplated switching over to blogspot. But I realize that honestly, wordpress is so much…easier to blog with! So the ultimate decision I have to make is….pretty blog or witty blog? But then again I’m so stupid I couldn’t even make it witty. #FML

I wish just making my blog pretty could be easy :l If anyone helps me I will be eternally greatful to them for solving my dilemma.

Just to take up space, I’m gonna insert a little monologue I did from the movie “He’s Just not that into you”

why is the thumbnail so ugly? Ok by now I guess you’ve realized I dislike stuff of mine that’s ugly D:

I need to makeup for it now.

So here.

^Thats me. Supporting Japan with these “Hope” shirts that donate money towards well…. the disaster.

^Thats my new phone deco that I’ve done during this summer. Directly on the phone this time! (Last 2 times did it on a case, I hated it)

^Thats me pigging out on a Yatsuhashi. Popular Kyoto delicacy duh.

^And finally that is me, pointing at you to follow my blog. And help me make it prettier! 😀

Ok. Yah I’m a lousy blogger sometimes 😡 But I hope I can still be loved wtf. LOL I need friends #foreveralone





EDIT: ok!!! so right after I posted this I was super determined to figure out this… downloading themes thingy and get a very pretty wordpress blog!!!…but I realized my computer would not allow me to download these… FileZilla thingys. So discouraged I once again browsed through some wordpress themes and came across my current pink pokadot ish one!! Now I’m excited to blog again ’cause it’s not an ugly bland blog anymore!!! 😀 SUPER HAPPY NOW! ❤

But if anyone knows how to work out this… File thingy please let me know! ❤


2 Responses to “Can I has a prettier Layout??”

  1. sean August 29, 2011 at 8:01 PM #

    Happy that u r happy~
    also pink dots rock. > <

    • NyankoHime August 29, 2011 at 8:58 PM #

      😀 thanks for the comment!
      Seriously, comments make me the happiest XD
      Yahh! I’m very surprised that I didn’t come across these pink dots before XD

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