Narita Airport VS Shitty Pearson Airport

8 Aug


ok, so I just got back from Japan today (yes I will be blogging little by little about my stay in Japan) BUT before I do so, I must write a complaint rantblog post about….Toronto’s Pearson Airport. The airport that some may as very well call hell. (Especially if you’re an immigrant!…It’s true!)

Not that I am like an anti-patriotic Canadian or anything like that (technically, either way I’m patriotic somehow, considering I’m currently a citizen of both countries..)anyway, what I wanna say is, today I’m going to be comparing Narita Airport (which is just so superior in so many ways) to the shitty Pearson Airport.

Comparison #1: the Immigration Office

At Narita Airport, the immigration officers weren’t super chipper/happy and friendly or anything, but they did they’re job and were very polite with it.

In comparison to that, at Pearson Airport the immigration officer was maybe a little bit more cheery yes, but didn’t do his fucking job. Asked so many damn questions, you’d think the little dumbshit would get it right. BUT NO. We FULLY TOLD HIM exactly what we brought. We brought small sugar candies. No meats or any of that shit to declare because we didn’t BRING any of that shit. But of course, brainless checks off the “yes” under declaration goods. *facepalm headdesk*

Comparison #2: Organization

At Narita Airport, everything is done in an orderly fashion, children do not get lost from their parents. Lines are properly made, there are people everywhere to insure that passengers get to where they need to be. All in all it is very customer friendly IMO.

In complete contrast to that, Pearson Airport is a cluttery mess that nobody wants to be in. It’s like somebody is trying to fry a scrambled egg in there, and it’s just not working out. The lines are not defined, nobody is there to help you, and people are scrambling to catch up to their families wtf. Very disgusting to see, considering how long the airport has been around…

Comparison #3. The Last and Best one: Employer’s Attitudes.

At Narita Airport, everybody is so friendly and helpful. Okay, I was blocking the doorway for this flight attendant right? And she apologized to me. And she was super nice about it too (wasn’t her fault at all mind you! It was 100% my bad for being there!!) !! Unbelievable ! If that was Canada or America (Sorry America, I’m hating on your airports too) they would be like “You can’t be standing here blah blah blah shit blah”. Trust me. I travel. I know. The horrors.

Let me go on my ranting rampage about Pearson Airport’s HORRIBLE attitudes. They all have like… attitude problems or something! Like, honestly look guys, I know you hate your job and hate life but no need to take it out on the poor passengers, who btw are paying money to travel?!?!  I have several cases to point out.

Case 1 of Bad attitude:

Okay, so my mother and I got a little separated (not our fault, read back at organization point) and my mom had my passport and ticket wtf. This obnoxious, stumpy short bitch lectures my mother, “next time don’t leave your family behind”. I was SO fucking cheesed, I mocked her in her face and left. She was such a rude bitch I would put her on my hit list.

Case 2 of Bad attitude:

The guy who checks your ticket, to see if you can pass or not was a millennium douche. He was so rude about how he told me mom to go to the declaration prison place. I was gonna strangle that fatass when he talked slowly to my mother, just ’cause she had a Japanese passport. Just because you live a sad life, you motherfucker, doesn’t mean you have to treat immigrants like shit! Probably go home to his mother’s basement and eats macdonalds everyday. Go lose some weight, and lost some of that stank too. fuck.

Case 3 of Bad attitude:

The lady who awaited us at the declarations hellhole, queen ass bitch. Class A. My mom politely inquired where we should go, (cause fatty in Case 2 didn’t specify) and why we had to be there (we had no raw foods…) and she said (in the bitch way, like the wrinkly ass bitch she is) that “you have to come this way” (ok I know these words don’t seem harsh, but remember: A bitch said them). She then proceeded to look at us like we were stupid. At this point I was exploding on the inside and mumbled to myself, “Don’t look at me like I’m stupid, bitch” and apparently some other authority ridden personnel heard and glared at me. Had I known of this glare, I would have given him a look. A look that people would say, “If looks could kill”.

Case 4 of Bad attitude:

The guy who eventually checked our luggage…don’t even get me started!! At first he seemed like a harmless old guy. Turns out he was just a dickery oaf!! He touched my Karume-Yaki(will show in next blogpost) and picked it up, and was like “Oh. A cookie”. And I was like “…no it’s made of suger” and the oaf wouldn’t listen and just replied to me (as if I was stupid) “Well, usually cookies are made of suger”. Stupid! Kenot possibly make cookie only with suger!! And then when he put my “cookie” down, he did it in a fashion that was so rough it almost broke my cookie. He also did this with disgust, in which I glared at him for. Then! He asked us to put our luggage in the x-ray machine to check. This was ok, but then the lazy old almost-dead geezer had the nerve to not even try and help. Think about it: 4 girls, seemingly week and unassuming, and this old guy is commanding us to hurry up and lug the luggage into the x-ray machine. There must be some kind of limit set on how much of a douche one can be!!

That is it for now. These ongoing displays of horrible attitude by the staff at this airport have made me want to feel unpatriotic to Canada.

Pearson Airport authority personnel’s should all be fired and rehired only on account of being courteous to passengers. I will never hold any amount of respect for people who do not respect me in return!

-Katrina and her Rampage



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