Hakone Onsen Love! <3 Pic Heavy!

8 Jul

So for the past 2 days ish I’ve been in Hakone 🙂 its cooler up there than Tokyo and there are hot springs there! I went with my grandma, grandpa, sisters and mom. This year we were able to go into the Yunessan pool onsens ^^ Super fun! 🙂

Here is a link to the hotel we stayed at: http://www.hakoneho-kowakien.com/english/

and a link to the Yunessan pools which are right beside the Kowakien hotel: http://www.yunessun.com/english/

I recommend taking the package that offers a stay at the Kowakien hotel and free passes to the Yunessan pools if you plan to stay in Hakone. Most people stay at Hakone in order to enjoy the hot springs (onsens) and for the mountainous view. The package we took was basically a taste of both worlds. Back at the hotel it’s a calming hotspring experience, but when we went to Yunessan’s, it was a fun, playful experience! 🙂 The service at Kowakien is super amazing. They literally cater to your needs like their lives depend on it! I super recommend it. My family’s been going to Kowakien hotel since my mother was a kid!

So…we were off on our adventure! We took the Chiibus to Shinagawa station and from there made our way to Odawara. From there we took a bus all the way up to the hotel ^^ At Odawara station I had a melon bread from this bakery. mad tasty!

Heres some more pics of Odawara station. It is also worthy to note that I saw much swagier guys here then where I live (Tokyo, Takanawa). I was wtfing! Unfortunately I didn’t have it in me to take a pic with any of these swaggy boys.

^It is also worthy to note that I am ugly on this trip wtf. Yes, its true. I just left my face virtually makeupless and bare this entire trip! I have my reasons:

1) I felt no need to, since we would be in the baths and pools I didn’t wanna come out looking like a ridiculous panda! I think it ridiculous to bath with makeup T_T

2) Too troublesome! Way too troublesome! (Kat’s a lazyass LOL)

So then we got to the hotel. I took a few pics of the room! 🙂

^I don’t know why, but I love Japanese hotel beds. It’s somehow different. arrrr.
^the bathrooms are small but very clean and nice ^^

We then went to the Yunessan pools 🙂 Here are some pics of this awesome place! :

^that my friends is the fish doctor. ok, thats what the station was called ok? It’s like these little fishies that eat the dead skin off your feet! My feet suffer from too-much-heel-wearing …..so then I had alot of fish come to my feet wtf. I felt so dirty XD But its SO COOL! ….and not to mention the most ticklish thing I’ve ever experienced! If you know me, you know that I am mad ticklish. I was holding in my tickle the entire time. (y)

^an overview pic of one of the biggest pools (at the place). I played shark there with my sisters wtf. major leg workout please! Plus there was this hot mixed guy. Mexican maybe. Nice abs. *hotguy report wtf*

^Coffee pool! :)…smelled more like tea :S

^The waterfall pool! 🙂 feels good XD

^The wine pool. My absolute favourite! ❤

^The green tea pool! ^^ Very green!

^The sake bath 🙂 Lets not get drunk now~

^ The…pot bath thing XD

^The Goemon Bath pool ^^ This one was the hottest!

^ There is a regular pool there too ^^ we went for some exercise swimming 🙂

^ me and gramma 🙂 teehee.

After we got back from the Pools, here’s what happened to our bathing suits:

That night, we went to eat buffet ^^! Here’s what I wore that night:

Basically my rompers from forever21 and my grandmothers black lace cardigan XD mad love for the cardigan! I goes so well with my rompers, no?

Here’s what I ate that night (a jist. I ate more dw):

^Jelly yet? Look at the beautiful meat thing. ❤ so goooddd!

It’s also quite worth notint that it’s super beautiful there, so much green!:

I took a pic with the two owls! (The hotel’s trademark ^^)

Here’s a picture of the aftermath of my sister’s breakfast. Why am I showing you this? To show that my sister is a mad messy eater wtf:

^ see what I have to deal with? =.=

That day we also made wishes on the Tanabata. I would explain it…but I won’t. You can google it XD. Here’s a pic of the tree:

^Look at all them wishes. I read them, here are some funny ones I found:

「ビッグになりますように」(“I hope I become big”)

「イケメンになるますように」(“I hope I become a hot guy”, this one was funny cause after my mom read it, she was like “psh. its already too late for that” LOL poor guy)

What did I wish for?….Not telling 😉 if I do it might not come true! ><


That night we had a Washoku dinner. (Basically a Japanese style dinner). It was amazing. I will post all these pictures! I am just…it was amazing. So pretty too!

^appetizers. Sesame seed tofu, chicken and …..green leafy shrimp cuff things,
^soup things. had some weird squid noodle thing in it XD I actually liked it 🙂
^sashimi! 🙂 my favourite is the white Tai ^^
^Hamo no Yanagawa-Fuu Tamagotoji. We put the egg on at the end ourselves XD . love love love ❤ tasty shiz.
^Chawanmushi. It had this interesting potato thing in it XD good stuff.
^….the one thing I didn’t totally love. Some weird eggplant thing
^was ok. apperently its Kyoto-style 🙂 funny story, I actually found a hair in my rice. We told the waitress and the next thing we knew, we got some mango icecream as a condolence. So we got extra calories all thanks to me! 😀
^Mizudango with pineapple 🙂 maddddd tasty. TRUSTT!

Harharhar. I gained about a kg on this trip T___T I am sad. but…IT WAS SOO WORTH IT!

The next morning…we went out for a last walk around the hotel forest with everyone ^^ Heres some interesting pics I took:

^Something my grandpa found XD an insect on a mushroom LOL

^An ant carrying a caterpillar. LEGIT.  Why so strong and hard working little critter?

Starting tomorrow, I will be in Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima! Hopely I can blog 😉

Now a pretty pic. for redemption…for the ugly pics above:

ok. not prettiest pic. but wtf. deal



2 Responses to “Hakone Onsen Love! <3 Pic Heavy!”

  1. CookieMonster! July 11, 2011 at 1:24 PM #

    All the food looks tastyy!
    I should’ve went into your suitcase… I’m sure I would’ve fit… D;
    The hot Springs are totally cool. It’s themed! :O
    It’s burning hot in Canada I can’t even walk around my house.
    And you’re walking around your hotel taking pretty – Bug mushroom pictures LOL!

    • NyankoHime July 16, 2011 at 11:00 PM #

      YVONNEEEE!! ❤ the food is super tasty XDD
      u probably would have fit! XD
      yeahh! its themed XD they weer super fun 🙂
      omgg. trust its like super hot here too. homakot <<

      almost 40 degrees today!!

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