Airplane trip to Tokyo!

2 Jul

Hi there πŸ™‚ So as promised I will be blogging about my stay in Japan ^^ Perhaps not daily, but as much as possible ^^ Albeit they will be short posts (most probably). The night before I was up till about 4am, packing and helping everyone else with their last minute needs (my sister needed me to make her a shushu, clear her sd card, my other sister and mom needed me to help pack etc). The day we left, we left the house at 11am and our flight was at 2pm. A nice time, if you ask me. I hate waking up at like….4am just to go on a flight wtf. Also, thank god our flight was a direct flight. We used Air Canada.

Not much interesting things happened on the flight…I watched like 5 movies XD. I saw “Rango”, “Just go with it”, “How to Train your pet Dragon” and some ant movie. Ok, there might have been another one…but I can’t remember it fml my memory fails me wtf. 😦

Here are some pretty shots I took whilest on the airplan πŸ™‚ Some very pretty shots. I absolutely love looking out the window on an airplane (which is one reason why I always sit in the window seat. Another reason is that the window seat offers a good sleeping/leaning place). The view is absolutely spectacular, the clouds look so fluffy and majestic. And the cities just look like little toys. Just…amazing:

And here is a camwhore pic of me at my ugliest hour wtf. Why am I even sharing this with you? I don’t even know. Just shoot me now wtf. (Everyone is ugly after a 13 hour flight ok XD).

Here are some more pictures I took from window, our landing if you will:

Then we landed (finally). 13 hours is damn long! My legs are like cramped by the end of it. I refuse getting up to do those redonculous airplane exersizes because they are stupid and everyone glares at you for doing them wtf. Anyway, the moment we stepped off the airplane we felt like…a waft of hot humidity. Yes folks Japan is like this every damn summer. Hot, and absolutely HUMID. Winter is the time to come actually, its just that summer we can stay much longer so thats why we always come in the summer.

Here is a sign that takes us upstairs to the customs:

Btw. I was so pissed! My mom ditched us for customs << so we had to fill out the forms and everything ourselves and combat those customs people wtf. Ok, not so bad actually but it was super mendokusai. orz

We got our luggage fairly fast and used the Airport Limousine to get to Shinagawa Prince Hotel, and took a taxi to my grandmother’s house. BTW, I actually love the Airport Limousine. Every year when we come we always use it. Thats probably why but the Airport Limousine is almost like a part of me wtf. I get super nostalgic when I get on it. I super recommend this method of getting to other places from the airport. Here it is:

When I got to my grandmothers house, we all had like a super reunion! It was super amazing. I missed my grandma like CRAZY so you can imagine how much hugging went on lol. For the record, I call my grandma

ばあば(Baaba) and my grandfather γ˜γ„γ˜γƒ»(Jiiji) and my uncle γŠγ˜γ‘γ‚ƒγ‚“(ojichan). Just a little mamechishiki lol.

Also, when I got there, I was super excited cause the stuff I ordered online was there! I got myself a maid costume (which I will probably blog/rave about when I get home, so like a month later will post pics and such), magazines (Popteen, Egg, Cutie and Seventeen) and 2 bags/purses. I am in love with the purses! So damn cute guys you wouldnt even believe! I was super impressed with one of them and the other I like normally πŸ™‚ I will share them with you in this blog post in detail (on my meriko blog, so if you’re interested its like a mini review)

After I took a bath, I helped my grandma take out the garbage and then we went to the roof. I will take pics of the roof some other time to show you guys, but trust, the roof is like the most amazing place ever wtf. Can see everything!

Thats about all for today. Pretty introductory, sorry it was so long XD.



5 Responses to “Airplane trip to Tokyo!”

  1. Ellie July 2, 2011 at 9:11 AM #

    THIRTEEN HOURS?! wow. Have a good time~

  2. Ellie July 2, 2011 at 9:12 AM #

    Oh! Btw, would you know any good wordpress bloggers that are fashion-oriented? My subscription page is a little blank :S

    • NyankoHime July 3, 2011 at 7:33 AM #

      yeah 13! >< i follow mostly makeup-y blogs o: il let u know if i come across any! ^^

  3. crimit July 3, 2011 at 12:47 AM #


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