I love Biore! and Abel Drama Field Trip!

5 Jun

*Picture Heavy!*

OK. So let me start off this entry by saying…. I LOVE BIORE PRODUCTS OMGG!! Actually, I HATE biore pore strips, cause pore strips in general are like, an ENEMY to skin. But like, their face 化粧水…ermm lotion? moisturizer things are sooo good! Like, it leaves your face feeling fresh without being greasy and overtop. This is the one i’ve been using for the past few years that I am in LOVE with …

Unfortunately, when my mother went back to Japan a few months ago, they didn’t have this particular one on the shelves…. so she bought me 3 different kinds to test out! 🙂

First one is the Rhoto Hada Labo Skin Conditioner!

I love this! I use it after I wash my face in the morning or any other time during the day (besides nighttime) because, it leave my face fresh and ready. However, it does tend to keep my face kind of dry, so thats a con. I usually have to apply 2 coats of it for it to keep moisture. But its nice, and not gross by any means, so I’m pretty in like! 🙂

The next two are the ones I camwhored madly with! Firstly, the Kaneko Pururi one…

ok. So at first I liked this one. it looked like this when i first used it, and i thoguht it was great:

Thats how it looks like.

After though, I realized I reacted super badly to it ;___; and gave me an allergic reaction! So I gave it to my little sister to try out (different products work for different people!)

This last one is the new product I’m pretty much loving… The Biore Cream-In moisturizer!

Its beautiful! The packaging was also so beautiful! Pretty peach colour is it not? 😀 Mad love ❤ !

Thats what the product looks like. As you can see, its super watery but has cream within the watery moisture! It’s absolutely my favourite because my skin doesn’t get dry, but because its a “watery” kind, it also doesn’t become greasy! A MUST for summers! 🙂

Side by side comparison of product aesthetics… tee hee !

Camwhoring with my beloved product!

Im gonna squirt you!! bwahahahahaha!!

Me camwhoring with the product that burned my face off…. because I’m INCLUSIVE!!!! I’m so nice, right? hahaha no I’m just a camwhore.

In case you were wondering, what I wore that day!…

I’m a happy child. And my skins damn happy too. I just wanted to share the awesomeness of Biore XD….I got excited cause my mom brought it back for me and I just LOVED it! Had to blog it.


Abel Drama trip!

Okay. well. So, basically we went to an elementary school to watch their videos they did, based on things we taught them 🙂 I just wanted to share my camwhore pics…sorry. xDD

Thats me and my friend Nojan. He’s a Boss. Actually. LOOL

Me an Cliffie. I love how were both looking same way, very spontaneously!  😀

Me an Shkeeemm 😀 Why I look so awks?

Me and Xue Xuen. He didnt wanna camwhore with me, so i tol him to sit in a corner by himself wtf.

Last but DEFINITELY not least, my Vonne. http://inkscraps.blogspot.com/2011/06/todays-special-abel-project-fire.html visit her blog to get more info about the abel trip. She’s not lazy bwahahahahaa. XD

An lemmie finish with me…being a mad camwhore wtf.

erm…this looked better on my camera wtf. my eyes are baggier than usual 😦 errrmmm….. someone get me a dosage of sleep please? 😀

What I wore that day!!! ROMPERS!! 😀

I kno u wannu touch mai pompom!! 😀

Nyaaaaaa :3

Everyone make monkey face laike mee! 😀

Last one I promise. I have a huge smile oh noes. D: don’t be swallowed!

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Ok thats all for today! 😀





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