Kat’s are Randomz *Pic Heavy*

4 May

I haven’t blogged in awhile. Yes, I’ve completely lost the will to count calories when I gained weight while eating less, then lost when i pigged out…

I have no calories left to believe in anymore. For the record, this morning I was 54.9kg…!!! I kenna wanna lose at least 5kg more… :l

HOKAY! ANYWAY….this post is honestly gonna be pic heavy and me sharing a bunch of pics! Haha! but I swear my pictures are not bad ah!…Hopesoly.


LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL!! they had it at costco. I’m not sure if it was for the easter weekend, (we bought a few to freeze, this was all before the easter weekend). But anyway, it tasted AMAZING and…i LOVE carrot cake. Seriously, propose to me with carrot cake and I will probably eat the cake and run away. ‘cause everyone wants that right? hahaha

Okay guys!…GUESS WHAT THESE ARE… Seriously, guess. Hint: this pic turned out like this because it was steaming, and me, being the dumb person I am, didn’t realize that this steam would affect my camera lens….

If you guessed PIG LOOKING CUSTARD BUNS you are correct!!!…. So, they were selling these at a T&T (a Chinese supermarket) and my mom and I were ALL OVER THEM. we were like, “OMGGG KAWAII!!!” and bought a bunch XD Seriously, my mom and I will buy anything we deem to be kawaii, as long as its affordable. These buns tasted like normal custard buns, which is a good thing. Why? BECAUSE I LOVE CUSTARD!!! Seriously, I LOVE custard and custard creme…..its my FAVOURITE. Then again, I love alot of things. But i SERIOUSLY love custard. Too bad I was too busy nomming to take a pic of the spectacular custard, but anyway, take awhile and gaze at these cute buns! ^^

Uni!!! If you’ve never had Uni before, you are missing out!!! It’s…uhmm… look it up LOL I donno how to say in english!! But like, sometimes, when you have a really good one, its creamy, sweet and BEAUTIFUL in your mouth. It’s like heaven in bite sized pieces!! mmmmm. This one in this picture was onsale at T&T for like only 16 dollars!!! So cheap!….but it wasn’t the best 😦

Random outfits! Because everybody loves those #yawnfest.

I love this shirt 🙂 Bought in Harajuku for like 1000yen (10 bucks) the skirt for like 500yen (5 bucks). I love! Honestly, my clothes are damn cheap, but I think they look prettily decent! :)… if you disagree, tell me. I might bite your head off *angel smile*

This was me trying clothes on in forever21. Actually, not clothes, but single clothing piece. I think I only tried on the skirt. I ended up buying it, it was so cute! Mad love! I’m totally getting into the floral thing, which I’ll show you in my next few pictures. Floral Skirt from Forever21 was about 10 bucks. The pink cardigan was 15 bucks at GAP, my belt was 5 bucks at Ardenes, Boots 25 bucks at UP, T-shirt for 10 bucks at Garage and random leggings. I feel like this is a springy, nice look! 🙂

This was a pic I took when I took my previous camwhore pics. In fact, I might have already uploaded it, I’m not sure but I’ll add it to emphasize how much I love the floral look! 🙂

err…..ew. Why am I uploading this. hokay, so last weekish, I went to my friend’s store and bought the PRETTIEST dress evar!!! 🙂 Mad pretty! Makes me super happy just thinking about wearing it soon (as soon as it gets warm!) So, that day after I got it, I went home, put on makeup and camwhored! My hair was in a bun…hence why my pics all have my bun on my head. I don’t think its that…bad….XD Checkkitout the camwhore pics! Not photoshopped!…Why? because I’ve been major lazy for the longest time!

You can wear this dress 2 ways! One way is the “short” way which is the way I am wearing in my pictures. I prefer this way, but there is another way to make it longer and flare out. This was only 20 bucks!!! How can be so cheap?!?! I LOVE!! Seriously can’t WAIT to wear outside!

I look skinny in this one! yay!

Hi. My little sister gave me her bronzer and blusher :3 I actually really like it! Makes me happy~

Thats my sister in the mirror, interrupting my camwhoring! haha!

OKay. so these last three were the same…. too bad ah !

Anyway. what a useless post! tehee! but shaaring pics I lvoe to do!



2 Responses to “Kat’s are Randomz *Pic Heavy*”

  1. Cookie Monster! May 4, 2011 at 7:12 PM #

    You’re So SKINNY & Pretty! 🙂
    I should go to T&T more often I never see those buns! D;

    • NyankoHime May 4, 2011 at 11:16 PM #

      awh ❤ ilydear XD
      an omgg! yes must go to tnt more often!!! good stuff XDD

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