Because Radiation is Contagious! #Sarcasm

20 Apr

Little Rant 😀 ….

H’okay. So…. a few days ago my mommy was telling me that her friend (my former japanese school teacher) who currently lives in Germany or somewhere wasn’t going back to Japan this summer. Okay, okay, this can be understandable as some people are taking riddiculous precautions against going back to Japan in fear of
1) Earthquake attacks
2) No air conditioning…wtf
3) Radiation
4) Some other form of danger excuse.

Okay, I know. I’m a beetch. 😀 Anyway, I understand why some people would want to protect their children from the possible dangers that being in Japan could pose at this moment in time when they are facing a natural disaster crises. BUT…what irked me was when my Mommy told me the reason her friend wasn’t going back to Japan this year. Okay, prepare to be blown away by the most… SAD THING one could hear.

Because people are being PREJUDICE against those who have been in Japan. Yes you heard me, because apparently other little Japanese kids who came back from their Japan vacations are getting BULLIED by their peers…. THATS FUCKING RIDICULOUS!!!

Ok lah, I’m actually very sympathetic towards my mommy’s friend, for not being able to take her child back because of these ignorant bullies. I think my mommy’s friend is very smart and an awesome mother! (Ok, tell me really, who wants their own kids to get bullied? If I were a Mom, I most definitely would not!!)

What totally made me mad was that there are BULLIES. Ok, everyone should know I absolutely HATE bullies with no taste. Bully someone because they went back to their mother country???…. DISGUSTING. In fact, so disgusting that I want to kick you off the face of this earth!!!

Because totally! These bullies have SO MUCH reason to ignore these kids who’ve recently been in Japan… BECAUSE RADIATION IS TOTALLY CONTAGIOUS!! IN FACT LETS QUARANTINE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO’VE RECENTLY BEEN TO JAPAN!!… Its much too dangerous for the rest of us who use microwaves and computer/laptops on a daily basis to be exposed to such people!! (In case you’re a dumbass, that was #sarcasm)….

So, being the curious cat I am.. (’cause I’m a Kat.. get it? Oh I’m so PUNNY) I researched about this online. What? #nolife I can do what I want!!! And I came across an article like this o:

ok ok. I knowww. THIS IS A RARE CASE!!! I get it!!!…. But still!!! how is this even acceptable?!?!

Homigosh, ok. I understand that MOST people are NOT bullies as well as idiots who think radiation is contagious… it’s just these few people who do I felt like ranting about… like, when my Mommy told me about it I was like OHHH NOOO THERE ISNT?!?! WTF. IMMA GO SLAP THEM EMFKGSEJDNFKDSJ ….

ok. I realize I sound stupid now orz. But I think I HAVE A POINT!!! … these people should be eliminated from the face of the earth. I would be happy to do it, like in the Drama “Bloody Monday” where I can make a perfect world by killing off those who are detrimental to society #imnotamaniac.

Omg. I feel like what I just said is gonna lose me my few readers I have… OTL I’m sorrys D: I’m actually not that maniacal!!!!!…

Well, that’s it for today 🙂 gonna sleep now!



2 Responses to “Because Radiation is Contagious! #Sarcasm”

  1. Georgio Armani April 24, 2011 at 12:46 AM #
    The normal idiot would therefore conclude that all bananas are from japan based on the fact they have radiation. I’m not sure if I made sense or not, I just wanted to use a meme.

    • NyankoHime April 24, 2011 at 2:15 PM #

      LOOOL omg. that meme made me lol. actually XD and yeah, actually that did make sense. u and ure memes ;D XD

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