Beauty one: Contacts! ; Life one: Young People’s Theatre

11 Apr

Okay. Who doesn’t like contacts wtf?? HOW CAN HATE ON SUCH AWESOME STUFFS??? Except… JEALOUS PEOPLE. ??

Okay. Maybe I lied (about jealousness) since I’ve heard some comments about color cons, circle lenses that aren’t about “jealousy” or so they say. Whatever, either way I am an avid fan of them!!! How can one hate on something that makes your eyes SO MUCH BIGGER?? …. If you eyes are already big…. eff. THINK ABOUT PEOPLE LIKE ME WITH NATURALLY SMALL EYES PLEASE??!!! XD Okay, so on friday I wore my purple contacts (my vision is 20/20 btw, so I don’t technically “need” contacts… no prescrip) and I felt so ALIVE! …or maniquin like. but yeah… here it is :


uhh… wtf? why looks so ugly on wordpress….

ah. I love how wordpress lets me upload my ugly face in highres! So i dont have to make each one smaller and pixely like on my ameba blog!! Mad love!!

oh look! I’m doing a trying to be kawaii pose 😀 yay. cause who doesn’t love those??

gonna insert a CLOSEUP of the eye…. erm please excuse the ugly messed up makeup <.< long story short, did it in my first period drama class (supply) and my eyelid glue spilt (was not born blessed with double eyelids) and stressed and…. my FALSE LASHES WERE NOT COOPERATING (ok rant about this another post). So yeah. All in all it looked bad up close, not bad in a distance. I like my slsh thing by the way. my tail of the eyeliner, if you will XD

What I was wearing that day incase your were wondering. Because of course, gonna wonder what I wore right?!?!!…. ok I confess I just wanted to show off my skirt. Can you blame me? I’m so buying the floral skirts fashion this year!! Let me show you what I really want though, (like the skirt im wearing is a temp skirt to fullfill my desire for skirts). Heres wat I really want :

something like that *points up* SO PRETTY RIGHT? Must go shopping in Japan….

I’m gonna end off this contacts post with… a PS’d pic of contacts!

ooooo! SEE CONTACTS HAVE THE ABILITY TO MAKE EYES BIGGER! okay I lied again this was me, photoshopping contacts onto my eye… tee hee. Im loving this pic and its my facebook pic and my wordpress pic and my twitter pic, so please don’t ruin it for me by saying its ugly D: DON’T CRUSH A TEENAGE GIRL’S DREAMS AH!!


Young People’s Theatre.

So on Saturday, aunty bought us tickets to see this show… I think i can played at the toronto Young People’s Theatre. My sister was semi-whining about going because (according to her and her class who went to see it the week before) it was boring as hell. But whatever, I wasn’t one to judge before i see it for myself. So, i skipped like the last period of my japanese school volunteer to go see this show. btw did I mention none of the characters talk in this?… They communicate via tapdance. Well… its a nice element I guess. A good dramatic production. Good actors. too bad didn’t allow any photography… 😦

My ticket. Thanks auntie! ❤

The logo thing. The sign at the top/front of the place. I THINK ITS MAD UGLY…. I mean the LKTYP thingy is pretty letters I guess… but the yellow in the background and everything? not pretty <.< But I guess they don’t really need it to be that aesthetically pleasing. It’s the theatre that counts!….

Outside of the theatre place…. is pretty! The doors are pretty and cool-looking. LOOK AT THE MANY DOORS! 😀

Uh… so I have no other pics. 😦 The show itself not bad. The characters were all well developed and each had meaning to them. I didn’t fall asleep so it wasn’t boring. It wasn’t the best show I’ve seen but definitely not the worst. I didn’t feel like I wasted my time either. For a non-talking script, it was well developed. The only character who talked (the teacher) had carefully picked lines that added to the play rather than take away from the speechless effect. (was funny! told lame science jokes! haha like… What was the name of the iron child? EFFIE! bahahahahahahaha priceless!!)

Ok. Im gonna share some downtown toronto pics. On the carride there, I took them.


Pretty shot, cause hey: I can be artsy sometimes!

ooo! CN tower! and I liked this “street” shot. artsy right? 😀

ok…. can anybody explain to me WTF these houses are? like why are their mouths open? are they oooing at something in particular? I NEVER understood this particular protected neighbourhood sign….

Must end off with cute pic!! this is in my moms dashboard (is that wat its called?) the top front part of the car inside. SO CUTE RIGHT??



3 Responses to “Beauty one: Contacts! ; Life one: Young People’s Theatre”

  1. sean April 12, 2011 at 12:20 PM #

    1. single > double eyelids
    2. toronto > peterborough (^_^)
    3. mystic > regular stylez
    4. japanese > the other ones

  2. sean April 12, 2011 at 12:23 PM #

    PS: i always saw those as eyes
    not mouths on the creepy houses
    but they have bandanas i think?
    so they look more like burglars!

    • NyankoHime April 12, 2011 at 6:43 PM #

      waaat?!?! like single lids better?!!
      crazy! XD aha. but besides asthetically, can see more with double lids!

      do you live in peterborough? I never been there before, hows it like that ?

      U HAD THE MYSTIC ONES BEFORE AH ? ….. must go back and try one.

      OMGGG. WTF CREEPER STALKER BURGLAR HOUSES?!?!…. can get anymore scary???

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