7 Apr

H’okay. Rant for today, be about *dun dun dun*


okay. So, basically here’s my problem with some clothing sizes…

In Canada: Too big sometimes! Like at Ardenes, I bought this belt which was supposed to be a M, but then it was MUCH too big for my hips much less my waist….. who can wear that?!?!?! Mad rage cause its a CUTE belt too!! and I KNOW ardenes is like a cheap shop but they have CUTEE stuff sometimes!! no lies !

In Japan: TOO SMALL FOOT SIZE!!! … hokay. so maybe I have disgustingly HUMUNGOUS FEET. cut off my toe someone please… But still!!! VERY sad when I wanna get pretty pretty shoes there, and I can’t comfortably squeeze my feet into an LL (thats an XL in Japan terms)…. ridiculous not? My feet aren’t THAT big. not like big foot or anything… an LL!! 😦

I get that alot of people in North America are bigger than in Asia… but must sizes be so different?? Makes me wonder…

How to skinny skinny-ass people find stuff in North America?

How to fat/large bodied/footed people find clothes in Japan/Asia???

I mean, yeah, there are like… plus size stores, and like size zeros… but I like cheap clothes. Can’t afford… and cheap stores usually have less variation of sizes. I wish sometimes my body was like EVERYTHING WEARABLE!…. cause that be pretty awesome. Never have to feel fat in Japan again. Because believe me, when I go back there, I feel like a freakin’ WHALE. orz orz orz

All for today. gnights



2 Responses to “Rant: BAD SIZES WTF”

  1. g0y3r April 7, 2011 at 11:31 AM #

    Lol, I have to say reading your posts always makes my day. I like your perky style. It may not mean much to you, but you have now become apart of my morning routine, congrats

    • NyankoHime April 7, 2011 at 10:55 PM #

      wow!! this comment seriously made my day max!! 😀 I woke up groggy, not wanting to go to school, turned on my laptop, saw your comment and it brightened my day! Honestly, I appreciate your comment very much and thankyouu! ^^ aha. honored to be part of someones routine! XD

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