Pray for Japan: お世話になってるだろうが!

20 Mar

So, this happened about a week ago, and is still having great effect/happening now. I’m late in reflecting/blogging about this, but here it goes:

There was a tsunami and multiple earthquakes that hit Japan. Alot of places are in ruins and now they are having a nuclear problem. Again, I know I’m super late about it, but honestly I didn’t have the….like, didn’t really wanna blog about a bad happening in the midst of it, if that makes sense?  If I had viewers on my blog, I’d advocate the extreme need to donate MONEY (yes, as cruel as it sounds, no, not much else is going to actually help…honestly, who knows if the money were donating is even all being used efficiently) and PRAY. for the record, for some reason, I just noticed I wrote “prey for japan” in my title. Thank goodness didn’t publish it like that lol.

okay, so this post isn’t going to be about what everybody already knew (donate, donate and pray) nor is it going to touch upon the useless, no brained losers bringing up pearl harbor (can’t even waste my time on them, they are hopeless, useless and detrimental to society) but about a certain group of people: people who love things made in japan/Japanese things, but when asked to simply donate even a little bit or even just pray they scoff and say no making up some kind of lame excuse. Excuse me, but WHAT THE FUCK.

People I’ve come across on the internet (what did I expect? *sigh*) and people in real life even (erm…I’m actually really sad about this…) they love japanese things (ex. anime, japanese fashion, japanese vehicles, japanese novels, japanese games, technology etc) and claim to be avid lovers of the things but refuse to show any respect or support for the creators of their loves.

I know, to some people I sound stupid, incompetent (apparently) and ignorant (???how?) but…. really? I refuse to accept anyone who claims to be a …lets just say for example a sushi lover if they can’t even donate a little something to the people who make sushi on a daily basis. (not saying all japanese people make sushi…). That is basically showing no support for sushi. SO GET THAT SUSHI OFF YOUR PLATE YOU ASSHOLE. Dare to eat it still? I’ll SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS.  oops. I’m a nice girl, nice girls don’t swear 😛

All I’m saying is… help out. Donating even a little, or even just (genuinely) praying. I personally believe in Karma….so if helping a country out in its time of need isn’t enough… erm…. (whats the word?) momentum? motivation? (whatever, know what im talking about) for you, just think: if you don’t help people who need it, who’s gonna help you when you need it?

Of course just a ramble. My thoughts obviously have holes through them, but still I think I’ve made a decent point… ?



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