Bloated Tummy orz

28 Feb

So….today I had a bloated stomach, feels so uncomfortable! 😦
I had musical theatre practice until 5:00 today, and I even forgot to take a pic of anything today! No camwhore shots either :’)

Heres a list of what I ate today, as I recall:
-scrambled eggs – 50 calories
-ham – 35 calories
-buttered toast (oh why must it be buttered ;__;) – 188 calories
-yogurt – 35 calories
-1% milk – 110 calories
-Orange – 104 calories
-Papaya –  55 calories
-cereal – 250 calories
-Veggies with tofu skin – about 150 cals?
-Miso soup + egg + veggies + rice –  about 200 cals?
-Okara – about 100 cals?
-1 unagi sushi + 2 salmon sushis – 45+112<===the fuck? 56 calories for one measly salmon sushi? fml. Shouldn’t have pigged out like this.
-Things my friend feeds me – at least 80 calories
-Bits of chips I ate – 60 calories
-2 sushi rolls – 100 calories <== whoever said sushi is not fattening needs to lose a gut.

I sincerely hope thats all.. 😦 that was a whopping 1674 calories…. ugh. Why must I eat so effing much. It’s not even as if I snack out all that often. I swear, if I lived alone, I would be SO much thinner… (I could just stick to my skinny people diet…instead of my mom forcing me to eat fat healthy foods…)

Okay so after this blog post I plan to run (if my bloaty stomach lets me…) 500 calories in about 45 minutes. I need to stretch and stuff for 5-ish minutes and do leg exercises. Honestly, I want to just lose lower body fat and keep my boobs ;___; otherwise so unflattering.

Today I had a bad hair day! So, basically I was trying to get my hair into curls by putting it into two buns…but when I woke up it was HORRIBLE like almost afro-ugly. No offence to afro people, it just loooks suber ugly on me. And so, I decided to fix this dilemma by putting my hair into a bun. By doing this, my bun was ugly….so I just used this as an excuse to pull out my *drummrolllllll* bandana ribbon-bow! 😀 Oh MAN I should have camwhored today… 😦 but no matter. I shall do so tmrw!…hopefully. I was butt ugly today 😦 *sobs*

Todays so photoless I don’t like it.

LET ME SHARE SOMETHING!….It’s so ugly but so cool. So, basically I learned to play with the gimp version of PS’s liquify….”iwarp” I learned that I too, can obtain skinniness without any hard work.

This is the before pic. ugly, fat and ….well fat thighs. Honestly, I’m not gonna lie I HATE thick/fat/big thighs/legs. It’s a personal preference. I just HATE thighs that jiggle around, have cellulite and are big and ugly. I hate seeing it too, on myself and some other people. (Doesn’t mean I have anything against them or their legs. Just don’t like it personally).

This is AFTER I noobledly photoshopped mylegs….. yes I know its super obv. that I shopped them! But I mean, those are kind of my ideal legs! Am I asking for too much? :S I would look sooo much better in clothes with nice legs like those! Instead of my elephant legs….cankles….man calves etc.

Anyway, not much else to say, gottta go burn off calories. Honestly my body’s heavy I don’t want to, but I gotta push!


Ah, no makeuped, non shopped ugliness is a virtue (y)


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