Fat Day

25 Feb

Efffffff. I feel Absolutely FAT today. :/ why? well, before ANYTHING lets go through what I ate today!
-half a cinnabon <== the CULPRIT to my fatness today – 350 calories(swiped off the frosting….)
-1/2 a glass of milk – 60 calories (small glass 😉
-a papaya – 55 calories
-Miso Soup – 50 calories

-Sweet Yam Tempura <=== ANOTHER CULPRIT.  200 calories (and i only ate like… a few? Shared with my friend)

-bit of coke (honestly took like a sip from my friend) – 20 calories

-Udon + Veggies – 290 calories
-Mom-made taco (less fat) – 250 calories
-other 1/2 of the cinnabon…fml – 300 calories
-Milk – 100 calories

IN TOTAL I HAD 1657 CALOIRIES. I know ouch. :/

aiyayyay! Today was SUCH a messy dayy! I was supposed to have had a “pretty day” with my friend today (days where we dress all pretty, makeup etc) but it turned out kinda crap for me because:
1)  I tried to put my hair in a bun so it would be all curly the next morning, I’m stupid so I failed because my hair was too wet when I put it into its bun….
2) My outfit was good, but just….my SHOES. First time wearing my new shoes. I love them, they’re great!…but I didn’t know that my socks would sorta be visible. I wore leggings but white ankle socks…. had a hard time constantly pulling down my leggings….
3) No time for makeup, as I slept in this morning… fml ?

Heres what I wore today:

The necklace is from my friend! I think it adds a nice one-point to my outfit ^^. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a pic of this with my shoes, the shoes went really nicely with the outfit. The booties are like…. camel-ish colour? really cute ^^ I’m getting pretty into this highwaisted skirt thing! 🙂 I used to hate it, but now I think its just the cutest thing! I wanna get some floral highwaist skirts for spring/summer! I feel like I need to lose some waist weight though :S I feel so fat. And today I just felt like my calves were ENORMOUS. and my thighs just horrible….

So lately, I HAVE NOT been able to get enough sleep… ;___;  Up pretty late doing my math hmwk, studying for my math tests… I have the ugliest bags EVER!! 😦 Normally I would NEVER post a pic of myself ugly online… but I think this blog its okay, because its gonna motivate me and drive me to …. making myself prettier?
So…today’s post was a bit more pic-heavy ^^ I hope to take more pics in the future. I guess its not so much “how many people read my blog”…but rather I wanna be able to look back at this (when ive reached my goals and whatnot) and say “oh man. im gladdd I changed!”

– This morning I weighed in at 54.7kg. I hope the gross overeat today doesn’t ruin it…. 😦 I HATE that you gain weight when you start running….. even though I know its muscle weight, I JUST FEEL SO FAT! :S
-Today I will run (after i finish this post) for 45-50 minutes, approximately 500 calories watching the drama “Kizudarake no Love Song”. I’m almost done the series! 🙂

What else should I share? I’m not sure, so I’m gonna cut myself off for today.


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